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Friends–It’s one of my favorite types of days here on the blog: a pattern release day and today I am sharing my MASS QUIET BOOKS with you all!  I love blogging and crafting and all that goes with it, but more than anything I LOVE when I send my creations out into the world and watch as they bare fruit in other families like mine.  That is truly the best and since I have already seen what a game changer this Mass Quiet Book has been for us, I can’t wait to share it with you.

The Mass Quiet Book comes as both a felt pattern and in a printable version.  This way while mom gets crafting and stitching the kids can make their own quicker version of the book and the Mass Quiet Time can begin.  Both the felt pattern and the printable version are available as PDF instant downloads.

Mass Quiet Book Felt Pattern–$5

Printable Mass Quiet Book–$2

Unless my kids are the only ones that struggle to stay quiet during mass….

And because I can’t wait any longer, here are a few peaks at the pages inside these Mass Quiet Books:

Mass Quiet Book Sign of Cross

The final page of each book, the final blessing, features a cute little girl with free arms so that children can “teach” her the sign of the cross.  My kids love this.

And, here is my favorite page, the Consecration:

Mass Quiet Book Zipper Page

I thought long and hard about how I was going to represent the TRUE PRESENCE to my children in this little book.  I not only want my children quiet–I want them learning about the Mass.  And then, a few weeks back, I held my 21 month old on my lap at as he played with the zipper on my coat.  He was more than entertained–and it dawned on me!  A zipper!

This page, the Consecration, is actually composed of 2 pages.  The first is a simple image of a chalice and a host.  That page, however, zips right down the middle to reveal the crucified body of Jesus, as if we are given a gimps through the veil.  Cool, right?  The printable version doesn’t feature a zipper (for obvious reasons) but I tried to also portray the real presence with a simple flap.

Here are some images of each page that appears in the book.

Create your own MASS QUIET BOOK with this complete pattern and instructions.  Meaningful, quiet play at church!



There are 11 pages in all as they are as follows: Cover, Procession, Opening Blessing, Liturgy of the Word, Creed, Offertory, Consecration, Our Father, Sign of Peace, Communion and Final Blessing.

Here is what the pages look like in the printable version:

Mass Book Print Pages 1 Mass Book Print Pages 2

Both versions are very similar and feature the same subject for each page.  What I love about the felt version is that it is soft and durable.  It can be hugged, pulled on and played with with no worry of ripping.

What I love about the paper version is that it is quick to make AND my almost 5 year old made one mostly on his own.  Amazing!  He brings the Mass Quiet Book he made to Mass and it is so much more meaningful to him because it is his creation.

Each of these books, the pattern and the printable, comes with complete instructions for assembly and after you have purchased either you are welcome to use it and print it as many times as you’d like.

Once again, these are instant downloads and you can get them right here:

Mass Quiet Book Felt Pattern–$5

Printable Mass Quiet Book–$2

And there it is, my newest and maybe my favorite project ever.  If you have any questions about these books, please reach out to me!

Thanks for all of your support now and in the past.

All the best,

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