20 Old Testament Characters in Cross Stitch

Who is ready for some more Cross Stitch Character fun?  I certainly am!

After the success of my 40 Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch and 21 More Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch I have gotten numerous requests for other characters in cross stitch.  I have a list of saints I am working through (coming soon, promise) but more than anything I have gotten request for characters from the Old Testament.  Should we call them Old Testament Saints?  Some, or most, surely.

As I said, there are 20 individual characters included in this bundle…and you can get this whole bundle for just $4!  Get it now–the price on all of my saint patterns bundles will be going up very soon!

20 Old Testament Characters for $4!

Transforming these Old Testament characters into fun cross stitch characters was a fun challenge--and took a bit studying on my part.  For nearly every character I found myself paging through the Biblical stories trying to recall and decide what to include in the portrayal of that character so it was clear who it was.  I know I didn't do a perfect job, but I hope for the most part you will be able to tell which character it is without having to read the description.

As an example, here are Abraham and Sarah, holding their infant son Isaac.

OT Abe and Sarah

I picked 20 Old Testament characters to include in this bundle for $2 (yup, just 10 cents each!)  The characters included are:

  1. Adam
  2. Eve
  3. Abraham
  4. Sarah
  5. Daniel
  6. David
  7. Elijiah
  8. Isaac
  9. Isaiah
  10. Jonah
  11. Jacob
  12. Joseph
  13. Joshua
  14. Leah
  15. Moses
  16. Noah
  17. Rachel
  18. Rebecca
  19. Ruth
  20. Samuel

20 Characters from the Old Testament in Cross Stitch

I had a few other characters in mind, but decided to call 20 enough.  If there is an old testament character you'd like to see in cross stitch that isn't included, just let me know.  I am working on a FINAL batch of cross stitch characters that I will be sending out into the world next week (kid rest time and pregnancy illness dependent).  Shortly after I finish and list those final patterns I plan on adjusting the price of all of my Cross Stitch Character patterns I offer.  I had originally planned on selling the cross stitch patterns for these little prices for only a little while--but then so many people wanted them that I just couldn't raise the price.  I plan on finally doing so around the beginning of May--so get this pattern and the others while they are CHEAP!

Here's another example--Daniel and a lion.

OT Daniel

And there you have it.  I have a total blast making these patterns--but the best part is definitely seeing your finished projects, so once they are done send me a pic through email, facebook or on instagram.

20 Old Testament Characters for $4!

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