Kiss me free st patrick's day cross stitch pattern

Even though I (sadly) don’t have a speck of Irish blood flowing in my veins, I do love St. Patrick’s Day.  I love dressing up, an excuse to drink beer on a weekday and just all the Irish fun that comes with this feast day.  My mom shared this love with me since her beloved sister Mary‘s birthday was St. Patrick’s Day.

This past week we had dinner with a family in our new parish and they are true St. Patrick’s Day celebrators.  In fact the kids proudly proclaimed, “we love St. Patrick’s Day more than Christmas!”  And I love that spirit of pride and family heritage.  And so of course, I had to come home and express this joy in cross stitch.  Of course.

Lately I’ve really fallen in love with fonts but I get disappointed when it comes to cross stitch fonts.  There are just a handful of fonts out there and I swear they are the same ones I used in projects as a 12 year old.  So, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve started to design a few of my own fonts, like I did for this Kiss Me free St. Patrick’s Day Pattern.

Kiss Me

It’s cute, right?  I thought it would be fun to do a mantle display for St. Patrick’s Day with this as a small piece.  Like most of my cross stitch patterns, this one is simple, easy and quick to make.  I once again stitched this project up this weekend while my husband and I took in some Netflix in the evenings.  Throw it in a wooden embroidery hoop, add a green ribbon and you’re done!

The FREE PDF of this pattern is right HERE.   It should be ready to use, so have fun!

kiss me a cross stitch pattern for st. patrick's day

Thanks for all of your support–and thanks for giving me a reason to keep creating these fun cross stitch projects.  You’re the best. Free Cross Stitch Pattern for Saint Patrick's Day

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