Jelly Bean Prayer Tags

Candy is a part of Easter around here, it just is.  Do I wish my kids liked candy less?  Yes.  (Do I wish I liked candy less, yes), but I grew up with Easter baskets brimming with candy and my kids are growing up the same way.  In fact, as we talk about the passion this week the kids are always quick to remind me, “Yeah, Jesus died on the cross, but then he rose from the dead and we get candy!”

I like to think they are as excited about our Savior’s victory over death as they are about the candy…but they are just 4 and 3 years old, after all.

So, we do candy, but admittedly in years past I have gone overboard.  Like way overboard.  Last Easter there was so much candy that they kids actually got tired of eating it and started to haul it around in their toy tractors.  That was too much candy.

This year I want to be a little more mindful of how much candy we consume on Easter morning, and I want it to be MEANINGFUL, or as meaningful as it can be.  So on that note I created these Jelly Bean Prayer Tags that you are welcome to print and use this Easter Season.

Here’s a look:

Jelly Bean Prayer single

I’ve seen versions of this Jelly Bean Prayer floating around on-line and I really like the concept.  I rewrote half of it to be more hard-hitting and I designed a little Jelly Bean cross.  You see, as an adult I love images of the resurrected cross wrapped in lilies and draped in a white cloth.  I thought a cross decorated in candy might appeal to a child (or at least my children) in a similarly strong way!

Six tags are laid out onto a page so they are the right size for a small package of jelly beans.  Click the image above to get the PDF or you can DOWNLOAD THE JELLY BEAN PRAYER TAGS HERE.

What I love about these tags is that it takes something quintessentially Easter, although not religious, and gives it Christian meaning in a fun way.

I plan on making a whole mess of these and sending them to friends far away and making a bunch for Gus to distribute at his Pre-School class.  They are cheap and super easy to put together.  I’m sure there is no need for me to explain this, but I will anyway!

Jelly Bean prayer supplies

To put together cute little bags of meaningful jelly beans, print the tags, grab a bag of classic jelly beans and some small clear bags.  I got a pack of 50 small bags in the party supply aisle at Walmart for less than $2.  Drop 1 of each color Jelly Bean into the bag, fold over the top and tape and then attach a tag to the top.


jelly bean prayer tags for easter

I had two helpers put the bags together for me today…and surprise surprise, we ran out of Jelly Beans.  Oh well.  We will pick up some more tomorrow and get back to work.

All the best, and I hope that your Holy Week is going along well.

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Jelly Bean Prayer--Free Printable Tags for Easter

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