25 lenten resolutions for wives and mothers

Most of my Lenten resolutions fail–both miserably and quickly.  I have all of the excuses down and ready to use–we are moving, I’m pregnant, I’ve had a rough day with the kids…and before we are 2 steps into Lent I’m hiding out in the pantry cramming chocolate down my throat while the kids watch Netflix.

My failures are largely due to setting poor Lenten resolutions.  I delude myself into thinking that miraculously on Ash Wednesday the kids will cut the TV habit, I will stop consuming sweets and my husband and I will easily settle into a life of quiet time spent in prayer, instead of on Facebook.

And this might happen for a few days…a week.  But we quickly conclude that we bit off more than we can chew–or we made these resolutions for the wrong reasons: to loose weight, to correct parenting fails, to have more time to get other things done.

So, I’m trying to dial it back a bit this year.  We still have a couple of days before Lent is upon us and I’ve been brainstorming.  I want this Lent to be fruitful and I want to develop in ways that are key to me living out my vocation as a mother and a wife.  So here is what I’ve come up with.  I have no intention of making all 25 of these resolutions, but I do plan on making one in each category.  They aren’t huge resolutions, but small ones that I pray I will be able to keep going after Easter.

Developing a Servant’s Heart

Motherhood is servanthood.  Oh my is that ever true!  Like all mothers my needs come last and I spent my day serving one person after another, and often times feel bitter that I never get to do what I want to do!  I don’t need to do more service, but I do need to do it with more of a servant’s heart.  I want to see the beauty in the service and rejoice through this work.

  1. Refrain from saying “in a minute”.  Help or play now.
  2. No computer or phone (besides emergencies) except between 2 and 3pm or after the kids are in bed.
  3. Make beds daily, clean bathrooms weekly
  4. Stop Complaining.
  5. Sing more songs with the kids, especially as we work.

Becoming a Patient Teacher

I can so easily get caught up in whirlwind of each day.  I want to be more deliberate about stopping and teaching my kids.  I want to teach them household chores, the ABC’s, the faith and general good behavior.  I need to work on the patience part, big time and organize my day with the kids better.

  1. 1 Lenten Project with the kids each week.  This year we also plan to do this JESUS TREE activity with the kids each night.
  2. Set Lenten Goals with Kids and Review them daily.
  3. Consistent discipline
  4. Teach Kids 1 Household Chore a Week
  5. Read to kids daily.

Creating a Faithful Home

I work to create a faithful home, but often in a haphazard way.  I decorate for Lent half way through.  We pray each night, but do all sorts of different things.  We talk about Jesus all the time, but don’t regularly make it to week day masses.  This Lent I want to pick one resolution and really install that as a tradition in the life of my family.

  1. Decorate for Lent
  2. Lead a Lenten Song with family before evening meal
  3. Take kids to daily mass once a week
  4. Learn about 1 saint each week, in an organized, meaningful fashion.
  5. Say a decade of the rosary as a family each night.  (this makes it much easier)

Striving to be a Charitable Wife

I’m a good wife, a faithful wife…I do need to work on being more charitable though.  I love my husband so much, but I can get bitter and jealous.  I’m not sure how to totally correct this part of my personality, but I know when I focus more on his needs than on my own, he in turn focuses more on me…and our love blooms.  So, here are a few ways I can do that in a small way each day this Lent.

  1. Try one new recipe a week
  2. Increase frequency of Marital Intimacy
  3. Refrain from mentally trashing husband–completely
  4. Ask my husband how his day was before launching into complaining about mine.
  5. Do something sweet and small for my husband each day.

Growing as a Woman of Faith

Growing as a women of faith is the absolute cornerstone of my Lenten journey–and all of my other resolutions rely on this one.  I need to make space for prayer to be more charitable, a better servant, teacher and to create a faith-filled home.

  1. Commit to Meditating on a Bible Verse each day (I am doing this study)
  2. Attend daily mass once a week
  3. Receive the sacrament of Reconciliation twice before Easter
  4. Refrain from profanity (verbal and mental)
  5. Foster the a friendship with another Catholic Mom in Kansas.

And there they are, 25 resolutions for mothers and wives.  I hope you found something thought-provoking here.  I’m not going to announce what I will be adopting for my 5 resolutions…just because I am actually a bit of a private person, which I know is odd since I blog.

Any way, all the best with your Lenten plans.  May God bless you and your family this season!

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