Realistic Valentines for your husband and father of your children

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon I can’t help but revert to my former pinterest-obsessed blogger self and create a few Free Valentine’s for you.  Well, okay, I made these mostly for myself, but I thought it would be fun to share them with you as well.

Before I created these “Realistic Valentines” I did some in-depth pinterest research (meaning I bummed around on pinterest for about an hour) and found a disturbing lack of Valentines for people like me.  There are loads of anti-Valentine’s Day Valentines , lots of “glad you settled for me” Valentines and a ridiculous number of Valentines for children.  But, what about Valentines for people like me–people celebrating Valentine’s Day with a man they are married to, and have been for a while, with whom they have a whole mess of kids and live a life of messy, crazy, exhausting fun–a life where romance still exists, it’s just a bit different.  What about us?

Well people, fear not.  I have made 10 Valentines for the realist in you to full this gap.  And here they are:

Realistic Valentines for you husband free prinable

Ah yes, now that is some seasoned, tested, weathered love!  I think my favorite just might be, “I love you so much that I’m willing to let you think you were right” because that is true love and sacrifice.  At least in my marriage.

To get the instant download, just click HERE.  I set this up as a 5 page PDF.  It will print 2 cards per page.  Just cut on the grey lines, fold over and you’ll have yourself a sweet little card to give your husband this Valentine’s Day when you curl up on the couch together after the kids have finally gone to bed.

Realistic Valentines free printable

And there you have it!  Life might be a bit less glamorous than it was when we were young and kid free, but it is just as romantic, right ladies!  Embrace it and have a very lovely Valentine’s Day!

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