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Over the course of my blogging career I’ve created a lot of things–patterns, printables, templates–but I am, by far, the most proud of the Rosary Quiet Book I created.  And here’s why.  Several months ago we started using the Rosary Quiet Books I made for my children each night before bedtime.  We only pray one decade each night, but thanks to these books, the kids are engaged, participating, learning and they look forward to saying the Rosary each night.  It’s like a tiny wonderful miracle each night, and most nights that is exactly what I need.

We love our felt Rosary Quiet Books and I am so touched that so many of you purchased the pattern and are making books for your own children.  While I love felt–and love to sit and stitch the night away, it occurred to me that some people out there, perhaps, don’t have hours and hours to dedicate to making these books.

So—>>>>I made a printable version!  And, it’s here, ready for your to grab today!

I’m selling it for $6, just like the felt pattern, and you can get it HERE.

Once you download the 26 page PDF there is still some work to be done.  Each page needs to be colored (a great task for a child).  After this, each page needs to be cut out and the “quiet element” should be added.  There are quiet elements on each page and they range from flaps that open, added sparkles, felt babies that tuck into beds and whips that move.  Each page of the template comes with complete instructions for adding this “quiet element”.  Finally, take one large bead and 10 smaller beads (like pony beads) and string them along the bottom so that each page has a kid-friendly decade of the rosary.

It’s a simple, fun project with pretty basic supplies.  Each and every supply, which I have spelled out very clearly in the instructions, can be found in the Walmart craft aisle.

Once again, you can grab it RIGHT HERE for $6.

Here is a closer look at each page.

The Joyful Mysteries:

Joyful Mysteries Printable

The Luminous Mysteries:

luminous mysteries printable

The Sorrowful Mysteries:

Sorrowful Mysteries Printable

The Glorious Mysteries:

Glorious Mysterious Printable

As you can see, this 26 page PDF includes all of the mysteries of the rosary and can be easily transformed into 4 separate books.

The great thing about buying a PDF, too, is that you can print it as many times as you like.  Help each of your children make their own Rosary Book.  Print one for each of your students or make them and give them as presents to all of your nieces and nephews.  Honestly, the more children that use these materials to find and fall in love with the rosary, the better.

Honestly, the felt version of this Rosary Quiet Book is a little more durable, but what I love about the printable version is that a child can play a larger roll in creating it.  Have them color it and decorate it.

Printable Rosary Quiet Book

Thanks you so much for your support now and always.  I really hope that this simple book helps children fall deeply in love with Our Lady and the Rosary.

In Christ,

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