Free lenten worksheets for kids

With Lent approaching I have been racking my brain to come up with a way to make Lent more meaningful for my children.  Sure, we make family resolutions, decorate the house, abstain from meat on Fridays and talk about the passion–but I wanted something else that could get the kids more actively involved in Lent.  I thought about developing a calendar with different activities each day centered around prayer, fasting and alms giving, but I really want my children to develop good habits that will last beyond Lent, so changing what we do each day didn’t really make sense.

And then I chatted with my sister, who has older children and excels at organization, and I realized that her way of getting kids involved in Lent was about as good as it gets–so I decided to steal it for my own kids, make it into a handy printable and share it here for anyone else that would like to benefit from my little sister’s wisdom.

The Lenten Worksheet has 2 sides, both simple, and both intended to be used each of the 40 days of Lents–so maybe lamination is a good idea.  Here is a look at the pages my little Augustine will be using this Lent:

free lenten worksheets for kids printable

You can download both worksheets for free HERE.

In case you’d rather peak at the worksheets without my son’s scribbling, here they are.

The first worksheet is where you can guide your children through setting their Lenten Resolutions.  I am encouraging my children to set a resolution or 2 in each of the following categories: prayer, fasting and alms-giving.  And, I know from experience, it is important to write down the resolutions and review them every day–because it is easy to forget, especially when things get hard.

Finally, at the bottom of the worksheet is a very simple Lenten prayer.  I plan to take these sheets out every day of Lent, review the resolutions with my children and discuss how they are doing/why we are doing this.  Then we will pray the Lenten prayer together.

Lenten Resolution Worksheet

After we are done with that side of the worksheet, we will flip it over and see how far we have progressed through Lent.  I made this simple Lenten Path Worksheet for a couple of reasons.  I think it’s important they visualize how long Lent is, which will increase their longing for Easter Joy.  Each day we will mark off a day with a sticker.

I made the path in this shape–with the Sundays big and long–to help my children realize that Sundays are not actually a part of Lent.  I also put the fish symbol on all the days we abstain so they can get used to that and understand why we do it.

I allowed my son to color his Lenten Paths at the beginning, because that’s just fun!

Here’s a closer look at this worksheet:

Lenten Path Worksheet for Kids

And there you have it!  Once again, these are 100% free downloads and you can get them HERE.  The worksheets are simple, but hopefully they will produce fruit in your family as well as mine.  A huge thank you to my dear sister for letting me steal her idea and share it here.  Please, if you know of any other family that might like to use this resource, feel free to share it!

Blessings on a Holy Lent!

Free Lenten Worksheet for Kids. make resolutions, pray the simple prayer and mark of each day!

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