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It’s been a real interesting couple of weeks in my world.  I’m getting to the point where I am starting to fight the “battle of the veins” in my legs with this pregnancy and have just rounded out 3 full weeks of solo parenting while living and sleeping in a variety of comfortable, although not-home, situations.  We’ve had fun, but when my husband pulled into our temporary Kansas City driveway last night I could feel my lungs expanding and drawing in the first full, relaxed breath in weeks.

Thank you dear Lord for the institution of marriage.  Parenting is definitely a 2 person job.  And so, I am sitting here, peacefully and happily typing away with my legs up while my husband changes his 3rd diaper of the day.

While away from my husband I spend my evenings creating simple activities for my kids (and maybe yours too) and with my husband finally here, I have a chance to blog them and share them with you.

I know I have been talking about Lent a lot already, but I really believe that a quality Lent will set me up for better year…and a wasted Lent will do the opposite.  So, on that note, here are the 3 activities I created for my children this Lent.  You can get the whole package for just $2 right HERE.

Printable Lenten Finger Puppets

Printable Lenten Finger Puppets

There are fun–and a great way to teach your kids about the passion.  All of the major characters from the passion are here, 12 different puppets in total.  Print out the 5 page PDF, have the kids color them, glue or tape the sides and act out the passion.  Just coloring the finger puppets and playing with them for a short time with my kids was super fruitful.  They wanted to know why Judas was holding coins, why Veronica was holding a towel.  I can’t wait to use these all through Lent this year.

Printable Stations of the Cross for Children

Stations of the cross for children

There is nothing that says FULL LENTEN EXPERIENCE to me like the stations of the cross.  Sure, “Jesus carries the cross” is a mystery of the rosary, but during lent I want to really dig into that–and all the He endure for us, all of the times He fell and got back up.  How He had to accept help, how He was so alone.

To pull my kids into the stations of the cross I made a simple version for them to color.  There is a plague for each station as well as a simple image.  Once the stations were all colored we hung them up in our playroom.  I hope to get to the point were I can hang them up all around the 4 walls of a room so that as we pray we can “walk with Christ”…but we have to wait until we close on our house and actually move in!

Lenten Worksheet for Children

Lenten Worksheet for children

The final piece of this Lenten Bundle for Children is a worksheet that I have already offered for free on the blog (find it here).  I stole this idea from my sister and I have super high hopes for what it will do for my kids this Lent.  It is a simple worksheet to help children set (and revisit) goals all through Lent.  The back side is a simple calendar to help them mark off the days and grow in anticipation for Easter.

There you have it–my entire tool box of Lenten Activities for my kids this year.

Once again, you can get all three activities for $2 right HERE.

And, if you’d like to get them for FREE they are included when you purchase the Waiting in the Word Lenten Study!  More details on all of that HERE.

Thanks as always for being here!

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3 Lenten Activities for Children