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We're Moving

Yes, big news around our household.  My husband accepted a job in Kansas this past Monday.  And, since we currently live outside of Minneapolis that means we are packing up our stuff and moving a couple of states down.  We’ve know that a move was likely for a couple of years now, but even still, after we actually decided we all sort of felt shell-shocked.

And we all sort of still do.

You see, we have it pretty good here.  Sure, we don’t live close to either of our parents, but we have an amazing network of friends and extended family here.  Amazing.  Just a day before we finally decided to move to Kansas we got together with some of our closest friends for a night of kid-less fun.  And it was so much fun.  Bill and I left that night thinking, are we really going to leave this?  I still can’t fully believe that we are.

But we are moving to Kansas, even though we certainly have mixed emotions.  It’s so sad to leave, but in a very real way we are excited about the adventure that awaits us.

Bill starts his new job mid January, so all of a sudden we are in frantic purge/list/house-buying mode.  I realized that I hadn’t been on facebook in over a week (strange for me) because I have been spending all of my computer time on Zillow.  Also, I thought I’d be spending these weeks before Christmas pulling things together for guest and Christmas parties.  Nope!  Instead I’m emptying closets, clearing clutter and working hard to get our house ready to be listed at the beginning of the year.

And seriously, I WISH I was just cleaning for guest and parties.  The idea that I have to get this house to the point where someone would want to BUY it is a lot more pressure.  Because, in case you missed it, we’ve got 3 little kids, each with 2 sets of grubby hands, each more prone to write on walls than on paper and each completely incapable to getting soup into their mouths without leaving splatter marks on the wall behind them.  You know, typical kids.  So, even though we have only been in this house for close to 6 years, we’ve done some damage.  My husband, much more of a clean-freak than I, used to joke that we should lay down a tarp before every meal.  I used to roll my eyes and think he was ridiculous…but I am starting to see his point.

So any way, big task ahead of me, lots to get rid of, lots of decisions to make and lots and lots of grubby little finger prints to clean.  Lots.  When I first agreed to write about Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (which I love with a burning and undying love) I thought I’d be writing about holiday prep.  My, how life can change in a matter of weeks.

Magic Erasers

Have you used Mr. Clean Magic Erasers?  I love them.  LOVE THEM!  When I first used them I couldn’t help telling everyone I knew “They’re like magic!” and everyone said, “well, they’re called magic erasers…”  And I was like, “I know, but they really are magic!”  Not my best adjective moments.

But these things really are a lifesaver.  In fact, if I were to pull together a tutorial on how to clean your house in preparation for listing when you have small children it would look something like this:

  1. Buy Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
  2. Use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
  3. Marvel

I could go on and on about them–which really isn’t like me.  I’m not a natural homemakers or clean-freak or lady you’d come to for cleaning advice.  Not at all.  I like a clean house, but I’m not going to loose sleep over it.  I also love easy and quick fixes.  Thus, my love for these erasers.

Magic erasers at costco

So, we headed to Costco and bought the Big Variety Pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  While there we also picked up a big bottle of Gain laundry soap–both things I like to buy at Costco because my messy family needs the big size of both.

And, in the course of 1 afternoon I used all of the magic erasers in that huge variety pack.  All of them.  And my kitchen, dining room, entryway and office look like they have been freshly painted.  For real.

Here is a sampling of what my walls looked like before I scrubbed them with the Magic Erasers:

Magic eraser before

Classic.  Permanent marker art and food splatter.  (Where do they keep finding these permanent markers?  When I want one I can’t find one for the life of me and yet every time I turn around the baby has one uncapped and posed to write on the wall!)

Using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers is awesomely easy.  Just wet, squeeze, scrub and rinse.  Besides water the only other ingredient you need to have magically clean walls is a little old fashioned elbow grease.

Magic Erasers are Magic

Although it is difficult to take pictures of a clean white wall on a cloudy December day in Minnesota, here is an after shot of those exact spots on the wall.

Magic eraser after


So, there is still a ton of things to do around here, but my walls are clean, for now.  And that feels pretty good.

Please understand if I’m not around much in the coming weeks.  If you need anything, the best thing to do is send me an email at nancy . verly @ gmail . com.  I check my email (way too) often and will be sure to see your message there.

Blessings on your Christmas prep…and maybe we’ll run into each other at Costco while we stock up!  Drop me a line and let me know what cleaning supplies are a must for you.

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