Custom Family Portrait Cross Stitch Patterns

With the year drawing to a close I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic.  During this phase of my life, when the babies seem to just keep coming and the kids just keep on growing, over the course of a year a lot happens.  After all, just 5 little years ago it was only 2 of us, my husband and I, with hardly a clue how much our lives would change.

Because I am a crazy crafty chic, I like to stitch up a little family portrait each year.  I keep them all together and display them in our family room.  You can see all of my portraits HERE.

Well, I’m sort of in love with these portraits.  And I thought that since I have so much fun making my own family in cross stitch–I would love to offer this service to anyone out there interested.  Aren’t you just dying to see your pretty little family in cross stitch?  Head over to my etsy page and and find a listing that fits your family size.

Here’s how I make my patterns.  I start with a picture, transform the characters into a cross stitch pattern and finally, grab my needle and tread and stitch it up.  Simple.

custom cross stitch patterns of families

Here is a closer look at the pattern I made for my family this year.  It’s crazy to realize that next year my portrait will include 6 characters, since we are adding another little baby to our family in May.  I depicted Dominic sitting down because he scooted around on his butt for about 10 months this year.


Bandzuch Family 2015

Just to give you a bit better idea what these patterns can look like, here are a few more examples.  First of all, characters are not just limited to people!  Got a pet, add them to the family portrait.  Any kind of animal, let me try my hand at creating them in cross stitch–even Great Danes and miniature goats.

Kilgo Family Portrait

Once your purchase is complete I ask that you send me a picture of all of the characters in your pattern–or a couple of pictures.  I work to recreate the characters in cross stitch as best I can, with as many cute details as I can.  The final pattern will be delivered via email as a digital file.  Since it takes a little bit of time to make each pattern, and I have 3 screaming kids, please allow a week for the pattern to be completed and sent to you.

I am offering 4 different sizes of patterns:

2 Character Pattern, for $15.  Get it HERE.

3 or 4 Character Pattern for $20.  Get it HERE.

5 or 6 Character Pattern for $25.  Get it HERE.

7 Characters or More Pattern for $30.  Get it HERE.

And, since most families of 2 are a couple, I thought many of the 2 character patterns would be wedding portraits.  Here is an example for you–my own wedding portrait.

bride and groom cross stitch tutorial and pattern

And, just for fun, one last pattern.  Do you recognize this fun family?  If you are an avid Catholic Blog reader, like I am, than I bet you do.  Allow me to introduce you to Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas and her bright and colorful family.  Don’t they look incredible in cross stitch?

Stewart Family

Thanks so much to Haley for being open to me creating and sharing her family in cross stitch.  And thanks for being here.  If you’d like your own family transformed into cross stitch, just let me know!

Once again, my etsy shop has all of the listings.

Thanks again,

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