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A Month of Small Things for Mary

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But, before I dive into the book, here’s bit about why I created it.

Today’s post has been in the works for a long time.  A few months ago I decided to start focusing on what I love and to stop pretending I could be everything to everybody.  The truth of the matter is that I am a Catholic Mother of young children who loves to stitch and create, and I am really only interested in creating things that bring glory to God, that are beautiful and that I can share with my children.  That’s it.

Early in my blogging career I got caught up in the quest for pageviews and followers and worked to produce posts that would do well on Pinterest.  Then I got caught up in monetization.  I wrote sponsored posts about all sorts of silly things and added way too many ads (they will be gone after the New Year…yikes!).  But through all of this blogging started to feel like work.  And that is the last thing I wanted it to become.  Blogging was supposed to be my fun hobby, my escape, my on-going project in the midst of a life that didn’t really feel mine.

This Fall I created a series of saint cross stitch patterns mostly for myself and my nieces.  I actually had the patterns done for about a month before I thought I’d sit down and spend a few minutes writing a post about them, and offer them for sale at $3–40 patterns for $3.  I priced it so low because I thought what I was offering was so super niche that I’d be lucky if 10 people bought them.

And then nearly six hundred people bought them–as well as the 21 more patterns I offered a few weeks later.  I continue to sell those patterns every day…and I started to realize, hey, maybe there are people out there just like me, Moms, Crafty and Catholic, and maybe instead of trying to create things that appeal to everyone, I should focus on what I know and love.

So, that’s what I’m doing.  I’ve spent the last couple weeks coming up with projects for Mary–9 in total.  The thought is that these projects can be used over the course of a month.  Each week there is a craft for an adult (presumably the mom) and for the child, or children.  I was very thoughtful and deliberate when I created these patterns, projects, templates and coloring pages because there are materials that I plan to use with my own children for years to come…so I want them to be good!

The eBook is 25 pages in total and totally free.

Each week as a theme.  Week 1 focuses on Mary and her “yes” at the Annunciation.

Mary week 1

The projects this week include a beautiful embroidery project for the adult.  I wanted to keep it simple and yet create something I personally could hang in my home that would remind me to say yes to the Lord every single day.  The eBook includes the embroidery pattern as well as detailed instructions for stitching and creating the felt flowers.

The child’s project is a Hail Mary Coloring Sheet.  I created this is because I really want my own children to stop and think about the words of this beautiful prayer and what they really mean.

Mary Week 2

Week 2 projects revolve around the idea of Mary being our mother.

The adult craft is a Mary and Jesus Felt Wall Art.  Even if you have never worked with felt before, you will be able to create this beautiful image of Our Lady cradling Jesus.  I have included full instructions and a t0-scale template for this project.

The child’s project might just be the best thing I have every created!  I’m totally in love with it.  It is a paper doll of Mary that children can dress up and play with!  My kids are already having a blast playing with theirs.  With just some tape and crayons children can create a doll of Mary that is in prayer, holding baby Jesus, crowned Queen of Heaven or displaying the Immaculate Heart.

Mary week 3

Week 3’s projects ask us to reflect on the Sorrows of Mary and the Sorrows of this world.

The project for adults is a very simple but beautiful felt rosary case, created in the hopes that a rosary always with you will be used more often.

The child’s project is called “Mary’s Tears” and creates and opportunity for parents to discuss the sad parts of this world with their children and bring them to the Lord in prayer.

Mary week 4

The final week included in this book, week 4, offers 3 projects that celebrate the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  I’m including 3 crafts this week because I just couldn’t decided between the 2 cross stitch patterns I am offering here for free: Mary and Jesus, or just the images of the Sacred and Immaculate Heart.

The child’s project is a simple and delicious strawberry heart craft.

And there you have it.  What a great way to spend a month, right?

If you would like all of these projects, instructions and printables, just sign up and look for it in your inbox!  Use it now, in May, or slowly over the course of a few years.

A Month of Small Things for Mary

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A Month of Small Things for Mary--FREE eBOOK!


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