printable nativity set advent calendar to color

Advent is literally right around the corner and I am so thrilled to be sharing with you a little project I have been working on lately: a Printable Nativity Set Advent Calendar to Color.  I’m so excited about this project because is something my (and your) family can enjoy without hours of laborious crafting.

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you have probably seen that I share lots of crafts which call for such tedious things as hand stitching and intricate cutting, but more than anything TIME.  And all of the sudden it’s November and all of that Christmas crafting we intended to do, well it doesn’t look like it is going to get done.  I must not be the only one feeling this way because lately I have been overwhelmed with requests for made version of my Felt Nativity Set and my Jesse Tree Ornaments.   People write that they want these things for their families this season, but they just don’t have time to make them.

And I get that.  I don’t have the time to make them either.

So, for those of us stuck in the hectic and blessed years of little ones I made my Nativity Set Into a Printable.  It might not be as soft and snugly as the felt version, but in about an hour you can print it, have the kids color it and have it set up for Christmas.  Boom.  Mission accomplished.

And what’s more–I made this printable nativity set into and ADVENT CALENDAR too!  That’s right, print it, color it and either set it all up as a full Nativity set right away or add one piece each day of Advent.

You can get the entire 24 page PDF ready to be printed and colored HERE for $5.

Here’s a look at the characters included:

The Holy Family

printable holy family

The 3 Kings, with their 3 Trusty Camels.

printable kings nativity

2 Hansom Shepherds with 3 lovable sheep

printable shepherd nativity

2 Rejoicing Angels

printable angels nativity

2 sweet cows, the Holy Family’s donkey and a kitty cat.  Of course there was a kitty there.

printable animals nativity

Along with the stable, 2 trees and star that makes 25 characters.  The PDF comes with full instructions and a guide for using this as an advent calendar and what character to set out each day of December.

Once again, you can get the entire 24 page PDF HERE for $5.

Here’s a closer look at the coloring pages.  I designed this Nativity Set Advent Calendar to be both easy to color and easy to cut out so that a young child can have fun coloring it…or even an adult.  Come on, adult coloring is totally a thing now!  Since my kids are still more scribblers than colors I colored this version…and I may have enjoyed myself very much!

Here is what the Mary and Jesus page looks like.

Printable Nativity Set to Color Mary and Jesus

As you can see from the printable, I designed these characters to stand up, but they have to be printed on sturdy cardstock.  The steps are pretty simple, but I took pictures of them anyway.

Just print and color

printable nativity step 1

Cut and fold

printable nativity folding

And add some tape.

printable nativity tape

And then bingo, you have an adorable nativity set that not only your kids helped make, but one that they can play with all advent long without the worry of loosing or breaking something.  We already have ours set up and it has been played with quite a bit.

printable nativity with Bernadette

Bernadette is most interested in Mary and Jesus…and the kitty.

printable nativity advent calendar for kids

So, there you have it.  It’s simple, it’s sweet and you can have it all set up and ready for Advent without hours of tedious work.  Print it out, set out the box of crayons, cut them out and you are set.

Once again, you can get this entire set right here for $5.

Thank you for all of your support in the past and I really hope that this nativity set advent calendar brings some joy and fun into your homes this season.

Printable Nativity Set Advent Color to Print and Color

All the best,

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