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Geometric Christmas Cards tutorial

There are certain things I want to get better at and one thing that has come to mind recently is being better about writing and sending cards.  I am always so touched when I get a handmade card in the mail from someone I love and I really wish I was better about sending that love to other people.  Well, I am going to try to be better this Christmas season.

Because I really struggle to find that “perfect” card sometimes, I decided to get creative and make my own cards to send.  I wanted them to be simple enough so that I could make a whole mess of them and yet clearly handmade, festive and, well me.  So, I headed cruised down the scrapbooking aisle at Walmart and found some fantastic tape.  Seriously, look at it–it’s glittery!  This glitter tape is from the Scotch® Expressions Tapes line.  I also picked up some artistic striped tape as a contrast.  Then I grabbed some blank white folded cards and stopped by the office supply section for some double sided tape.  The double sided tape is part of the Scotch® Create Line and although I picked up the old packaging, look for it in it’s brand new packaging.  And that’s all I needed.

Before we get to the tutorial, I just want to talk about tape, specifically this tape from Scotch® Expressions Tapes.  I love crafting with pretty tape.  Love it.  Why?  Because it is so easy!  I love hand stitching and other tedious crafting endeavors, but I also love projects that are simple, mess-free and quick.  Tape to the rescue.  I get the glitter look without the glitter mess (yay!). I get the artistic painted look without the paint mess (yay!).  And, I can make 15 cards in close to no time at all (hip hip hooray!).  If you have yet to try crafting with tape, it’s time.  Head to Walmart, cruise the scrapbooking section and I dare you not to pick up some of this dazzling tape.

Ready to make some of these funky, glittering cards?  Here’s what you’ll need:

Scotch Tape Card Supplies

Once you have the template printed on regular computer paper it’s time to get crafting!

Grab your pretty Scotch® Expressions Tapes and your scissors.  You are going to creating the fun geometric style of these cards by cutting little triangles.  Try to make the triangles a variety of sizes.  Fit them into the outlines on the template.  I have provided outlines of a Christmas Tree, Star and Ornament.  Since the tree and star have straight lines I basically kept my triangles within the outline, but for the ornament I let my triangles run over the edge and then trimmed them in the next step.

Scotch tape triangles

Once you have the outlines completely filled in, cut out the outlines, making sure to cut within the black line.

Scotch Tape Cut out

Once you have that done, grab your contrasting Scotch® Expressions Tape.  I used the stripped artistic tape as my contrast.  Run a strip across the bottom of each card, folding the edges behind.  Then, using the double sided tape, adhere the cut out to the front.

Scotch tape double

And that is all there is to it!  After a few minutes of work you will have a fun, unique and thoughtful card to send a loved one…and no mess to crafting mess to clean up!

Geometric greeting cards star

I can’t wait to make more of these cards, and to maybe try different shapes.  What do you think?  What shapes should I add?

Scotch Tape Geometric Cards

Once again, you can find this fun glitter tape from  Scotch® Brand in the scrapbooking aisle.  The doubles sided Scotch® Brand tape is located in office supplies.

scotch brand washi and double sided tape

Thank you, as always, for being here.  I hope you give these cards, and crafting with tape, a try.  I’m hooked, and frankly so are my kids!

All the best,

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