Jesse Tree Ornaments to print, color and learn

Even though we had an absolutely gorgeous weekend in these parts, fall is here and Advent is just around the corner.  In an effort to make this Advent season is as holy as possible, I’ve been busy working on a beautiful Advent study with a few of my dear friends (check that out HERE) but today I’m shifting focus to a favorite family tradition we do each Advent: The Jesse Tree.

Last year was the first year we did a Jesse Tree, and since this wasn’t part of my childhood, it was new for all of us.  And let me tell you, I think I learned as much as the kids!  The Jesse Tree is such a rich, historic and beautiful way to prepare for Christmas that I am determined we will make this a continuous Advent tradition in our house.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, the Jesse Tree is an Advent Calendar of sorts.  Each day during Advent there is an ornament that represents a different Old Testament figure or event that preceded Jesus.  The ornament has a simple symbol on it that represents that person or event.  Often a family (or classroom) will read from scripture and discuss that person or event.  After discussing it, the ornament is hung on the tree.  The last ornament is Jesus himself, which is hung on Christmas.  By the time that last ornament is hung a family as worked their way through the entirety of salvation history and seen just how amazing (and never ending) God’s love is for His people.

Last year I made and listed a pattern for making your own Jesse Tree Ornaments out of felt.  (It’s right HERE if you are interested) but since then I’ve gotten real.  Who has 30 hours to sit and craft these ornaments?  Well, I mean, I do that that’s because I’m obsessed.  So, this year I did a little work and made the ornaments into a PRINTABLE that can be printed, colored and hung on the tree.

I’m selling this printable for just $5.  Once you own it you are welcome to use it for years and years to come, with all of your children, all of your students, whomever.  Just save the PDF.

30 Jesse Tree Ornaments to Print and Color

Jesse Tree Ornaments to Print and Color Above is a preview of all of the ornaments included in this.  There are 30 ornaments included, more than you need to get through Advent.  I did this deliberately.  You can either pick and choose or double up on some days. In this printable there are ornaments for the following figures/events:

    1. Creation
    2. Adam and Eve
    3. Noah
    4. Abraham
    5. Issac
    6. Jacob
    7. Joseph
    8. Moses
    9. Passover
    10. 10 Commandments
    11. Joshua
    12. Gideon
    13. Ruth and Boaz
    14. Jesse
    15. Samuel
    16. David
    17. Solomon
    18. Elijah
    19. Jeremiah
    20. Daniel
    21. Jonah
    22. Habakkuk
    23. Nehemiah
    24. John the Baptist
    25. Mary
    26. Elizabeth
    27. Joseph of Nazareth
    28. Magi
    29. Baby Jesus
    30. Jesus of the Christ

Can you image how fruitful Advent will be in your family or classroom is you study and discuss each of these things as a way to prepare!

Buy it now for $5!

Jesse Tree printable

And there you have it!

Thanks as always for being here and after working on this project I just can’t help but think what an awesome God we have!  It’s just incredible!

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