I’ve been busy working on a fun little project lately.  I took 40 different Catholic saints and depicted them in cross stitch.  I know, that might sound strange, but just look at how awesome they turned out:

Cross Stitch Saints--all

I had so much fun with this little project–and I actually learned a whole lot too.  I wanted each saint to be as recognizable as possible.  To do this I spent a lot of time reading about the saints and looking at different depictions and symbols associated with that saint.  In the process I fell even more deeply in love this with wonderful chorus of holy heroes we have in this church!  I can’t wait to share these patterns and the saints with my own children.

If you’d like this entire bundle of 40 Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch for your family you can get it HERE for $6!

Included in this bundle of Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch are the following saints:

  1. St Agatha
  2. St. Agnes
  3. St. Albert
  4. St. Ann
  5. St. Augustine
  6. St. Bernadette
  7. St. Bridget
  8. St. Catherine of Siena
  9. St. Cecilia
  10. St. Claire of Assisi
  11. Divine Mercy
  12. St. Edith Stein
  13. St. Elizabeth
  14. St. Elizabeth of Hungary
  15. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  16. St. Faustina
  17. St. Francis
  18. St. George
  19. St. Gianna
  20. St. Helen
  21. St. Joan of Arc
  22. St. John Paul II
  23. St. Joseph
  24. St. Katerie
  25. St. Lucy
  26. St. Maria Goretti
  27. St. Maximilian Colbie
  28. St. Michael the Archangel
  29. St. Nicolas
  30. Our Lady of Guadalupe
  31. St. Padre Pio
  32. St. Patrick
  33. St. Paul
  34. St. Philomena
  35. St. Queen Isabel
  36. St. Rita
  37. St. Rose of Lima
  38. St. Teresa of Avila
  39. Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
  40. St. Therese

40 Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch

But, this isn’t the really fun part of this project.  After making these saints patterns I enlisted the help of an army of Crafty Catholic Kids.  I put together nearly 50 cross stitch kids (a few kids got the same saint) and sent them out all over the country and Canada.  So, that’s right.  All of these little patterns are currently being stitched up by Catholic Kids located in all parts of the continent.  I squeal every time I see a picture on Instagram of someone busy stitching up one of these saints.  Here are just a few:

unnamed IMG_0285

Yay!  And please, I know I have missed a few of the pictures that were posted, so if you shared one already, tag me (again if need be) and I will happily re-share it!

As I have mentioned several times here on the blog, I love cross stitch.  I usually cross stitch daily and first learned to cross stitch as a young girl.  As soon as my kids are old enough I plan on sharing cross stitch with them and I hope to use these saint patterns as a place to start.  The patterns are simple, basic and really fun in the end.  Here is an example of my patron saint, St. Joan of Arc:

St. Joan of Arc

Yay!  I am so excited about these patterns!  I will continue to share all pictures of the finished Saints in Cross Stitch projects as they are completed.  But for now, if you’d like to join in the cross stitching fun, you can purchase all 40 patterns HERE.  Once again, it only costs $6 for all of these pattern!

ALSO, since posting this I have decided to add 21 MORE SAINTS IN CROSS STITCH.

21 More Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch

You can find that pattern HERE!

Thanks again!

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