Floral Geometric cat cross stitch patterns

I’m back with more cat cross stitch patterns!  (and everyone rejoiced, I’m sure).

I just finished and listed a trio of Cat Floral Geometric Cross Stitch Patterns (pictured above) and I’m so excited to share them with you today.  They turned our pretty cute, right?

Just a heads up.  Today we are talking about crafting and stitching, so if you aren’t interested in that stuff, tune back in tomorrow!  Got some good Mommy bloggy stuff lined up.

These new patterns, my trio of cat floral geometric cross stitch patterns, are examples of me listening to what people want and trying very hard to give it to them.  My geometric cat cross stitch patterns ,which I made and listed about 6 months ago now, have been (by far) my most popular patterns.  In fact, every time my phone notifies me that I’ve sold a pattern on Etsy my husband yells, “someone just bought a cat pattern!”.  He’s not always right, but usually.

So, I decided to add 3 more patterns, this time using a floral motif for the base of the geometric pattern.  I just love this kind of cross stitching.  It’s really fun to work your way through the pattern one color at a time, really getting into the geometric shapes.  Stitching this way is colorful, relaxing and fun to do on a road trip, which is exactly what I did while my husband drove on our most recent trip to Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Yes, he’s very good to me.

I have the patterns all written up over on Etsy and ready to sell.  Just like with the other cat patterns, I have each little kitty pattern listed separately for $2.95 and all 3 of them bundled up for $5.95.

Here’s a look at each pattern.  There is a link to buy the pattern beneath the image:

Floral cat sitting

Sitting Floral Cat Cross Stitch Pattern

Floral Cat Back

Back Profile Floral Cat Cross Stitch Pattern


Floral Cal Stretch

Cat Stretching Floral Geometric Cross Stitch Pattern


Floral geometric cross stitch cat patterns


And, here are all 3 patterns bundled together for just $5.95

And, because I really love bundling things, I went ahead and bundled up all 6 cat cross stitch patterns for just $10.  That’s a pretty good deal, you know if you love cross stitch and cats.

6 patterned cat cross stitch patterns


Get it HERE.

And there you have it friends.  The world just got a little bit cuter.

A deep and sincere thank you to everyone that has purchased any of my patterns.  I am so grateful.

All the best

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