welcome cross stitch pattern

In case you haven’t noticed, I de-stress and relax (which I feel like is mandatory these days) with handcrafts.  I particularly love crafts that are small, portable and take minimal brain power.  The perfect example of this type of crafting–CROSS STITCH!

And, because I can never find exactly the pattern I am after I have started making my own patterns.  Here is my latest creation that I am thrilled to be sharing with you free today and every day!  The PDF of this Welcome Cross Stitch Pattern is right HERE, ready to print.  It’s super simple and employs a cross stitch font I put together and shared a few months ago.  Also, it embraces something I don’t usually mess with, back stitch.  But, I used back stitch because not using it would actually have been more complicated!  I wanted to make flowers, and adding a back stitch swirl was the easiest solution I could find.

Here is a virtual image of this Welcome Cross Stitch Pattern in different colors than I used in the “Welcome” sign I stitched up for my own home.

Welcome Flowers Cross Stitch Pattern



If you would like to tackle this (very simple and great for beginner’s) project but haven’t ever cross stitched, check out THIS POST.  It explains in detail everything cross stitch.  A few months ago I even put together a few videos on the basic and advanced cross stitch skills.  I hope these are helpful and if you still have questions please don’t hesitate in reaching out to me.

Along with this, I just thought that the flower boarder was so pretty that I had to use it for more than one project.  And really, any word could go between those flowers.  Why not stitch up a little name piece for a new baby?  Won’t that be pretty, especially and wonderful little baby girl?  Again, if you’d like to add a different word or name to this pattern, feel free to use THIS CROSS STITCH FONT PATTERN to customize it as you’d like.  Otherwise you are welcome to contact me and I can put something together for you.  Just let me know.

Baby Girl Name Flowers

I stitched my welcome sign up in shades of blue and teal to match my front living room.  I’m happy with how it turned out and plan to stitch up another one with a sweet little baby girl’s name and flowers in all shades of pink.

The wonderful thing about cross stitch is that it adds the charm of handmade and old-fashioned to a room’s decor.  I prefer to display my cross stitch creations in larger collages of pictures and objects.  It adds texture and variety in a really fun way.

Plus, cross stitch is really simple.  If you can count, you can cross stitch.  Perhaps that is why I love it so much ;)!

welcome free cross stitch pattern


If you missed it before, HERE is the link to the free Welcome Cross Stitch Pattern.

All the best and happy stitching!

Name Picture


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