summer bucket list for families with toddler with free printable

Summer is such a precious, precious time.  Don’t we all feel this way?  And yet, more than any other time, summer seems to just slip away.  Like all of you, I’m sure, our summer is already a little too busy and I just know that if I don’t plan it these glorious days will slip by and I’ll be kicking myself for not doing all of the things I could have done with the kids.

Because of this I decided to create a summer bucket list for families with toddlers.  Basically I just spent a long time brainstorming all of the out-of-the-usual things I wanted to find time for this summer and wrote them down–because if I don’t write them down they won’t get done.  Then I posted the list of the fridge and got to work making the most of this summer.

Since I find the act of writing things down so very helpful I also made a little printable for you to use with your own family.  Click the image below and you will be taken to the PDF ready for you to print.

summer bucket list printable to make sure your summer is all it can be!

I left the free printable summer bucket list for families with toddlers blank because I wanted my list to contain things we don’t normally do–like for example we regularly go the library and we head to the beach EVERY SINGLE DAY IT’S WARM ENOUGH, so there is no sense in putting these things on our list.  However, if the library the the beach are out of the normal for you, write them down!

Also, I really want a fun but well-balanced summer for my kids (and for me).  Along with the fun I want to teach my kids some practical lessons and give them some opportunities to grow spiritually.  Thus, the printable includes the headings, Outings, Lessons to Teach, Exploring Nature, In the Kitchen, Spiritual and Just Plain Fun.

Here are the things I put on our Summer Bucket List:


  1. Zoo
  2. Art Museum
  3. State Park (new one)
  4. Farm (other than Grandpa’s)

Lessons to Teach

  1. Sidewalk Chalk ABC’s and Numbers
  2. Load the Dishwasher
  3. Pull weeds in the garden
  4. Make Beds

Exploring Nature

  1. Camp in the Backyard
  2. Catch a Frog
  3. Go Fishing
  4. Learn about Animal Tracks

In the Kitchen

  1. Make Cookies for neighbors
  2. Pick strawberries and make Jam
  3. Make Individual Pizzas
  4. Make Smoothies


  1. Donate Toys
  2. Attend Daily Mass (at least once)
  3. Visit the Nursing Home
  4. Visit a Shrine

Just Plain Fun

  1. Have a Clothes-line Tea Party
  2. Make and Play Musical Instruments
  3. Dance in the Rain
  4. Go for a Hike

Doesn’t that sound like an outstanding summer?  I really can’t wait and since I wrote all of these things down and now have them posted on the fridge I feel like they are actually going to happen.

I hope that you have a wonderful, memorable and productive summer and if the free printable helps, great!

All the best,

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