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6 Minute to Win It Games with M&M's

Even though I have entered full-fledged adulthood (evidently) I refuse to stop loving a few things.  I like (love) chocolate, especially M&M’s®.  I love playing games of all sorts but especially competitive ones.  And I love goofing off with my little brother.

Because really, since when were these things just for children?

And so I thought, well, let’s combine all 3 of these good things.  What could be better than munching on some M&M’s®, playing some Minute to Win It games with my little bro (and schooling him) and goofing off the whole way through?


M&M's at Sam's Club

So, I headed to Sam’s Club and picked up 2 XXL bags of M&M’s®, M&M’s® Original and M&M’s® Peanut.  They come in 3 varieties, M&M’s® Original, M&M’s® Crispy and M&M’s® Peanut. Because, after all, the worst thing in the world would be running out of M&M’s® before the fun was through.  Plus, we have quite high munching needs, at least when it comes to M&M’s®.

john with M&M's

Have you met my brother John.  Well, it’s about time!

John is a huge dork, the product of 4 older sisters, a Thespian, a brain cancer survivor and a good sport.  He is also really good at coming up with Minute to Win It Games.  Seriously, all of the good games here-he came up with!  He also is really good at picking up M&M’s® with a straw.  Like super good.

Okay, here is what we came up with.

Supplies needed for all 6 games

  • XXL bags of M&M’s® Original and M&M’s® Peanut
  • Paper Plates
  • Plastic Cups
  • Straws
  • A Fun-Loving Crowd

1. Straw Move

For this game you will need 10 M&M’s® Original, 2 paper plates and a straw.

The goal here is to pick up each M&M’s® using only the straw and suction and move the M&M’s® one by one from one plate to another in a minute or less.

John straw game

2. Straw Pass

For this game you will need 5 M&M’s® Original, 2 competitors, 2 straws and 2 paper plates.

Once again, the goal here is to move each of the M&M’s® from one plate to another in a minute or under, BUT this time you have to pick up the M&M’s®, pass it to your partner using on the straw and suction and then they place it on the other.  It’s tricky!

3. Toss and Munch

For this game you will need 10+ M&M’s® Peanut…and that’s it!

This game is about as simple as it gets.  In a minute or less each contestant must toss and catch each M&M’s® in their mouth…and eat it, of course.

john mouth

4. Spoon Obstacle Course

For this game you will need 3 M&M’s® Peanut, a spoon and some sort of simple obstacle course (think, run around a table, over a chair, etc.)

This game is a throw-back to those relay races we all did as kids–only this time with M&M’s®!

Grab a spoon, place 3 M&M’s® Peanut on that spoon and place the end of it in your mouth.  Then, without using your hands, make your way through the designated course.  If one or more the M&M’s® drop off of the spoon you have to go and start again.

john spoon

5. Cup Toss

For this game you will need several M&M’s® of either size and 3 cups (the sturdier the better).

Once again, the concept here is pretty simple.  Set up the cups in a line.  Then, give the competitor 1 minute to get 10 of the M&M’s® into the cups.  You can add other details, like they have to get so many into each cup.

john cups

6. Plate Toss and Catch

And finally, another partner game.  I plan on playing some of these games with our couple friends, so I wanted to make sure to include some fun games for couples.

For this game you will need 15 M&M’s® Peanut, 2 paper plates and 2 competitors on each team.

This game is silly and actually a lot harder than it looks.  One person places all of the M&M’s® on their plate.  Then, the team members stand facing each other, about 7-10 feet apart.  The idea is that the team will try to volley the M&M’s® first one way and then back to the original person.  Within a minute they can try this as many times as they like, but the goal is that at least once the original tosser will catch at least one M&M’s®.

john toss

And there you have it–simple (and cheap) fun for adults perfect for summer parties and get-togethers.  I for one love it when I am at a party where we play games.  The fun factor goes WAY up and it really helps to bond with people I might not have had an opportunity to talk with naturally.

I hope that you have fun with these games and M&M’s® this summer.  Remember to head to Sam’s Club for the big XXL bags.  You don’t want to run out of M&M’s® just when the fun is getting under way!

All the best

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