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We continued on in our Catholic Preschool Curriculum last week, covering the Letter B.  For the most part things went well.  We still have a lot to learn–both my son terms of in sitting still for a few minutes and for me in learning how to teaching little kids (I used to teach high school), but even though it is a challenge, I’m glad we are doing it.  Not only is it good for my son to start learning his letters and the foundations of writing, it is good for me to add a little structure to our days.  And plus, with this additions to our days I have dedicated one-on-one time with Gus, which he sometimes misses out on with 2 younger siblings.

The plan is to continue on and do one letter a week, blogging about it and sharing my materials here–both for you to use and as a method of keeping myself on track.  In case you missed it, I share the Catholic Preschool Curriculum for Letter A last week.  Also, although we pull in all sorts of words at the beginning with our letter of the week I do plan on using this time to teach the Catholic faith as well.  Each week we will talk about the life of a saint whose name starts with the letter of the week, as well as color a coloring sheet of a church object/event/person.

Having said all of that, here is what we did for the letter B last week:

Day 1: Introduce Letter

After we introduce the letter we go around the house and find all of the words the begin with the letter, practicing the sound of the letter as we go.

preschool letter B

Then we go over the letter shape worksheet where the preschooler can color the letter and then practice writing…  As I said, little Gus is not yet 4, so we have a little work to do here!  B was tricky!

As with the other coloring sheet, this is something I made and  you are welcome to download, print and use it yourself.  It is a PDF, ready to print.  Just click on the link below.

Preschool Letter B




Day 2: Craft

picnic supply butterflies

After reviewing the letter, shape and sound, we dove into our “B” craft–Picnic Supply Butterflies!  I love crafting with my kids…but I don’t like spending money, so I made sure to create crafts that use things we already have on hand–like picnic supplies!


Supplies needed for each butterfly:

  • 1 paper plate
  • Paint
  • 1 plastic fork
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Assorted Buttons and Beads

As a first step, cut a triangle out of the top and bottom of the paper plate.  The, flip over the plate and have the preschoolers paint the white paper side of the plate.  We used colorful drippy paints.

picnic supply butterflies tutorial


After the butterflies have dried completely, break off the center 2 tines of the plastic fork.  The, glue on wiggle eyes and glue the fork to the center of the plate.

Finally, adorn with buttons and beads (both good “B” words).

Day 3: Saint of the Week

This week we talked about St. Bernadette–which was the logical choice for us since my daughter’s name is Bernadette!  I made a little prayer card with one of her famous sayings, “Jesus, be not my judge, but my Savior” to add to our school board.  We also read about St. Bernadette from this book.

I am also happy to share the PDF I made of the holy card–but be aware that I did not make this image.  To save paper it also includes the card for last week: St. Augustine.




Day 4: Catholic Color Page

This week the coloring page is of Baptism.

As the kids colored we had a really nice conversation that covered everything from what baptism means, why babies are baptized, who their Godparents are, what a Godparent is and what the different object symbolize at a baptism.

As I said, this is something I made and am happy to share with you.  The link to download the PDF is below.

Catholic Coloring Sheet--Baptism



And there you have it!  2 weeks strong.  Let’s hope we all stay on track!

I hope this experience is fruitful for us–and for you if you decide to use the materials.  And who knows, maybe it will even soften my heart to the idea of homeschooling.  Maybe.  Maybe.

Thanks for being here!  And, if you end up using any of my materials all I ask is that you link back to me and my blog.

All the best,

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Coloring book mockup

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