31 clever clothespin crafts

Hello friends!  Today I have rounded up a ton of great summer crafts: 31 Clever Clothespin Crafts.  Summer for me means pinning the clothes up and letting them dry outside of the line.  So, why not take a few of those clothespins and get creative?  That’s certainly what we plan to do!

My husband is once again traveling for work and with our usual weekly obligations of Bible Studies and Women’s Groups on break for the summer, we are down enjoying the farm life for 2 glorious weeks.  Although it’s been a little raining and cold, we’ve been outside every chance we can get.

Today the sun is out–but it is windy!  The one plus of a sunny windy day is that the clothes on the line dry really fast.  As a girl we hung clothes on the line every day–and nothing will ever smell as fresh or seem as clean as clean clothes dried on the line at the farm.

While here I take advantage and even hang out the kids blankets which I secretly grabbed and threw in the wash when they weren’t looking…

blanket on the line

The only problem is that drying the blankets on the line isn’t quite as discrete as drying them in the drier!

Oh well!

Like I said I was doing a little research looking for clothespin crafts to occupy my little family and I found so many that I just had to share with you too!  So, here they are, 31 Clever Clothespin Crafts!

As always, if you find something here that you’d like to pin, please pin from the original post, not this one.  Enjoy!


Clothespin Pacman


Clothespin Nativity Ornament from Lisa Brown


Clothespin Dragonflies from First Palette


Butterfly Snack Clips from Do Small Things with Love


Butterfly Clothespin Magnets from Happy Hour Projects


Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft from The Imagination Tree



Clothespin Catapults from Therapy Fun Zone



DIY Clothespin Christmas Tree from Brandi Sawyer



Clothespin Caterpillar from Frugal Fanatic



Clothespin Dinosaurs from Crafts By Amanda



Clothespin Wrap Dolls from This Heart of Mine Blog



Clothespin Chandelier from Young House Love



DIY Clothespin Planes from A Night Owl Blog



Clothespin Car from I Kat Bag



Lunch Bag Clips



Clothespin Tin Can Planter from Happy Giraffe

embroidery hoop clothespin wreath photo board

Clothespin and Embroidery Hoop Wreath from Doodle Craft



DIY Clothespin Cable Tidy from Buzz Feed



DIY Clothespin Frame from Morning Creativity



Clothespin Piano Wall Hanger from Etsy



Chomping Clothespin Animals from Litter Red Window



Clothespin Crucifix from Catholic Inspired



Clothespin Starburst from Mamie Janes


ocean clips

Doodle Lunch Bag Clips from Alisa Burke


pinzas Clothespins Wäscheklammern maualdidad craft kids kinder basteln manualidad niños

Animal Cork Square Animals



Clothespin Airplanes from Crafts By Amanda


socks cropped

Lost Sock Board from I’ll Get you My Pretties



4th of July Clothespin Wreath from Miss Butter Bean




Clothespin Wreath for Valentine’s Day from Superfluouslysabro

Overwhelmed by creativity?  Me too.

Happy crafting!

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