Bunny Cross Stitch PAttern

Today’s project–a spring bunny cross stitch pattern–is a simple pattern that I just love.  Isn’t this little bunny cute?  It’s a quick project (as far as cross stitch projects go) and has a folksy flare. Plus, I created a free pattern for this cross stitch project.  So, it’s time to get stitchin’ and gearing up for spring that seems to finally have sprung around here.

Supplies needed to make your own bunny cross stitch pattern:

Bunny-Cross-Stitch-Pattern-Crafts-Unleashed-2 As with most cross stitch pattern projects, there aren’t a whole lot of difficult steps required for this project.  Basically, just gather your supplies, stitch, keep stitching and tie a ribbon on top.  That’s it!  And, since this cross stitch pattern isn’t overly big, it can be accomplished while watching 2 or 3 shows on Netflix (cause that’s when we all stitch, right?)

Here is a closer view of the cross stitch pattern for this project.  You can, of course, choose any color or color combination for this project.  The PDF of this pattern (link above) refers to colors by name, but feel free to ignore that (I usually do!).

Bunny-Cross-Stitch-Pattern-Crafts-Unleashed-3 Cross stitch is the most basic and elementary type of embroidery.  In fact, I recently had the joy of teaching 2 of you my nieces (ages 6 and 8) to cross stitch.  With some practice they will have pretty much mastered the art of cross stitch.  I learned to cross stitch as a girl…and all these years later I still enjoy grabbing a cup of tea, putting my feet up after the kids are in bed and stitching.  Cross stitch is just a lot of counting and because of that can be very relaxing.

If you are new to cross stitch, don’t worry!  Give it a try!  I wrote up a detailed how-to on cross stitch HERE.  I don’t think you will have any questions after reading through that!  And, if you do, I’d be happy to help!  Just leave a comment.

bunny cross stitch pattern free

My favorite way to display completed cross stitch projects is in a simple wooden embroidery hoop.  When you are done stitching simply twist the top of the hoop as tight as possible.  Then, trim off the excess aida cloth.  Finally, tie a cute little ribbon around the top.

Perfect, right?

I plan on turning my cross stitched bunny into an ornament for my family’s Easter tree (who says you can only have a tree at Christmas!).  That’s the great thing about stitching this project up on 14 count aida cloth.  It will turn out little and cute!

All the best!

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