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I am stopping by just briefly to share something I just could not find anywhere else (hence I made my own)–Husband and Wife Meeting Printable Agenda.  This is meant to be used weekly to help married couples, like me and my husband, communicate about the big and little things.  If you’d like a copy of it, please sign up below and the PDF will be sent directly to your inbox.

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Here’s a little back story on this.  I belong to a wonderful women’s group of my parish.  We talk about all sort of things in marriage, motherhood and family.  The other week one of the ladies mentioned the weekly meetings she has with her husband–one where they not only plan the coming week, but renew their vows, affirm and challenge each other.

My husband and I have never done anything this organized–and often we’ve suffered for it.  Not only does my natural state of disorganization not suit a growing family very well, but sometimes it’s hard to spontaneously renew our love or challenge each other with charity.  Plus, I love the fact that my husband and I could use this meeting to calm down our lives which have lately felt a bit frantic.

I left the women’s group of my church determined to add this meeting to our Sunday nights.  All I had to do was find an agenda.  There had to be a printable one out there on the internet…somewhere…right…?

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Well, I guess not.  After a whole lot of searching…and zero success I decided to just make my own.

I really wanted a hard copy agenda to make this meeting stronger and more purposeful.  My husband and I can gab and gab and get off topic pretty quick–and then totally not do what we had intended to do.  So, this agenda will not only keep us on topic, but add a little bit of seriousness to what we are doing.

husband and wife weekly meeting free printable agenda

We have only just started to do our weekly husband and wife meetings, so I’m not going to offer any tips of advise (in fact, if you and your husband meet often, I’d love to hear some of you tips!).  But, if nothing else, it is a powerful thing to sit down and renew our vows.  I know I love him, and he loves me…but hearing it out loud is incredible.  In fact, it changes everything…

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All the best, and if you have any tips or stories to report back, I would be thrilled to hear them.

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weekly husband and wife printable agenda




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