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Well, I’ve been busy!  A couple of weeks ago I shared a felt alphabet book pattern for girls–and because I have a very outspoken boy here in my house–I quickly worked to get the boy version done.  And HERE IT IS!

MY ABC ADVENTURE felt alphabet book for boys is on sale today for only $5 (half price) and will be half price for one week.

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Before I get into the details of the pattern, I'd like to talk about how awesome it is to be the mom of boys, and this very special boy in particular.

my abc adventure gus

I grew up in a house of girls.  I was one of 4 sisters and only got a brother when I was older.  As a result I never really understood boy things--like rough housing or swords and gun and dinosaurs.  My childhood was incredible happy--but also incredibly girly.

I am now the mother of 2 little boys--Gus will be 4 in May and Dominic was born in June.  My oldest, Gus, is ALL BOY.  He loves it all--trucks, legos, dinosaurs, guns, tractors, football, snow-blowers, shovels...  And with every passing I am falling more and more in love with little boys.  They are just so much fun!  Their lives are full of action and adventure!

Along with all of these things, my little Gus loves to read and look at books.  He was at my elbow the entire time I was working on this book, squealing over every single page.  "Oh mom, you made me a Lego guy!  You're the best!!!"  "I get to have a tractor it my book?  Yessss!"  His enthusiasm is what fueled me--and it's why I was able to get this book done so fast.

It's his joy for the adventure that I really tried to capture in this alphabet book.


Here is a closer look at all the pages:

my ABC adventure--felt alphabet book pattern for little boys


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While creating this book I ran into a little problem--there are just too many good boy words!  So, as a result this book ended up with 28 to-scale templates (2 for the letter T and 2 for the letter D).  Here is the rundown for pages:

A- Ambulance, B- Bus, C- Car, D- Dinosaur AND Dump Truck, E- Elevator, F- Forklift, G- Guitar, H- Helicopter, I- Insect, J- Jet, K- Key, L- Lego, M- Motorcycle, N- Nail, O-Ocean, P- Pirate, Q- Quaterback, R- Robot, S- Superhero, T- Tractor AND Train, U- Unicycle, V- Volcano, W- Wagon, X- Excavator, Y- Yo-yo, Z- Zamboni.

And, if you'd like to see one of the templates from this book, head over to my good friend Sarah's blog,  I'm guest posting over there right now and giving away one of my favorite pages: "T is for Tractor"!

AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD because I am so excited I have decided to offer everyone a special deal this week.  Can't decided between MY PRETTY ABC's (girl version) and MY ABC ADVENTURE (boy version)?  Then don't!  For this week only I'm offering both complete templates as a bundle.  Get both templates for only $10!  Get both of the templates now, and make the books whenever you have time.

2 felt alphabet books for $10 this week only


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And, last but not least--a giveaway!

Each time I release a new pattern I like to do a giveaway of not only the pattern, but of the felt you will need to make the pattern as well.  I get my felt HERE, and love it, so along with the pattern the giveaway winner will receive $25 store credit at BenzieDesign.

To enter all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter!  Best of luck!
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Thanks for being here and sharing this with me!

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