How to bind a felt book 2 ways

Hello Friends!  Today we will be talking about how to bind a felt book and the 2 methods I use to do this.

I have been working hard (and actually getting up early in the morning to make time) to complete a big project that I will be launching (yes, launching and not just posting) next week.  I can’t wait!  As you can see from the pictures, the project is something I’m calling “My Pretty ABC’s” and it’s a girly felt alphabet book.  (PS–pattern is now available!)  I’ve worked so hard on this book and the patterns for it.  I’m just so pleased with it I could squeal!  But, more on that later.

For now I want to talk about binding felt books.  I will be sharing 2 methods that I use for binding my books–the method I used for this project and the method I used for my Rosary Quiet Books, which in the end were a more slender book.

First off, before we get to the 2 methods–here is how to prepare the pages to be bond.


  • Felt for backing
  • Sewing Machine
  • Eyelets and Eyelet Pliers*

binding a felt book--back and trim

Once your pages are fully stitched, it is time to put a backing on them or stitch them back to back–just so that the backs of your stitching isn’t showing.  For the Rosary Quiet Book I decided to add a piece of black felt to the back of each page, but for “My Pretty Alphabet” book I decided to skip the backing and just sew the pages themselves back to back, since it was so many pages long.

Either way, head to the sewing machine, place the pages together, right sides out, and sew on the very edge of each page, on all four sides.  Because finding matching thread for each piece would be total madness, I used black thread for each page.  When the sewing was complete, I trimmed the edges.  You can skip this step if you are able to sew and cut perfectly straight in the first place…I am not able to do either of those things ;).

binding a felt book eyelets

Next up, it’s time to add eyelets to each page.  It is important (especially if you are using the first method to bind your book) that you place the eyelets in the same place on each page.  I used the incredibly accurate method (lie) of measuring equal-distant places on a piece of paper, and then used that as a guide for where to mark the felt and then place each eyelet.  This, of course, isn’t super accurate, but I found it to be accurate enough.

binding a felt book way 1

You are moments away from completing the first method of binding!

Once you have all of your eyelets in place, simply grab some metal book rings* (like those in the picture above) and sting all of the pages together.  I used 1.5 diameter rings for my Rosary Book.

Ready for Method 2?  I like to use this method for binding longer felt books and it is a little bit more “book-like”

Place eyelets in all of your pages EXCEPT YOUR FRONT AND BACK COVER.  Also, grab these supplies:

  • 2 additional pieces of felt, as long as your cover pieces and as wide as the thickness of your completed felt pages.  These pieces will form the spine of your book.
  • Thin, sturdy ribbon
  • Matching embroidery thread
  • Fabri-Tac, or permanent fabric glue

Binding a felt book-supplies

As a first step, cut 2 long pieces of ribbon (Mine where about 3 feet long each.  You can always trim later).  Then, using the fabri-tac, glue these ribbons to one of the spine felt pieces, using a finish page as a guide for where the eyelets are.  Glue the ribbons so that 2/3 of the ribbon is on the left of the spine piece.

Next, cover the felt spine piece with more glue–leaving the edges glue free–and top with the other felt spine piece.

Trim the top felt spine piece so that it is just slightly smaller than the lower piece.  This will help with the stitching in the next step.

Binding a felt book side

To attach the spine to the front and back cover, fold the ribbon in (don’t stitch through the ribbon), place with a cover piece, right sides out, and blanket stitch up and down both sides of the spine.  If you need a little help with the blanket stitch, check out this blanket stitch video tutorial I made.

binding a felt book blanket stitch

Almost done!

Once the blanket stitch is done, add a little glue between the 2 felt spine pieces, just so that they are perfectly together.

Now it’s is time to string the pages!

binding a felt book final

String the pages in a way so that you have both ends of the ribbon at the end of the book.  Simply pull the ribbon tight, tie in 2 pretty bows, and you’re done!

I hope this tutorial was helpful!  The pattern will be coming so very soon.  Stay tuned.  There will be wonderful early bird specials.  And, if you haven’t yet, make sure to sign up for my Newsletter.  This is were I send all sorts of deals, free patterns and love.

All the best

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