clover cross stitch pattern

It’s officially March which means I should be posting St. Patty’s Day projects, right?  Well, I have have been busy as a bee behind the scenes here working on a Felt Alphabet Book Pattern that will launch next week (soooooo excited!) and I just have something very small to offer for St. Patty’s Day: this Clover Cross Stitch Pattern.  And, as you can see, it’s small, simple and pretty basic.

I actually stitched this up really quick for my own kitchen (just to nod to the coming holiday) and I wasn’t sure I’d even share it here.  But, then I share everything here.  If you are a stitcher, like me, I thought you too might want to spend 10 minutes and add a little St. Patty’s spirit to your home with needle and thread as well.

But, before we get to the clover cross stitch pattern, I thought I pontificate for a few minutes (if you will allow).  See, I love St. Patty’s Day, but I’m not even the tiniest drop Irish.  Wish I was, but no.  I still love dressing in green and even drinking green beer, but what I have really loved to start doing is to reflect on how LUCKY I am this time of year.

And, I really am so lucky–or more aptly–blessed.

Lately I have been feeling really blessed right here on the blog, in my own little corner of the internet.  I have been learning a ton with the creation of my 1st eBook–and am so lucky to have made so many blogging friends with more experience AND that they are happy to share the experience with me.  (Have you met Lauren?  Go give her a virtual hug, she’s awesome.)

Even more so, lately my husband has gotten really excited and involved in my work here on the blog.  He is digging into more of the business end of this blog and his participation is such a blessing!  He is starting to understand the business of blogging and with the coming up with some thrilling ideas.  It’s amazing!  It is starting to feel like when I blog I am doing something for both of us–and for our family–not just selfishly for myself.  I am so excited to see where this blog will go with his participation.  I can only imagine!

family pic 1-15

(thanks mom for snapping this family pic)

I am one lucky lady!

I know, if you think about it, you will realize just how lucky, or blessed, you are as well.  So, why not celebrate that with a little cross stitch project!

Here is the pattern.  Use which every colors you like.  I used DMC #702 and #704.

Clover--free cross stitch pattern

Easy peasy.  And, when I was done I chose to display mine in a 3″ wooden hoop and add a pretty little green ribbon.


clover cross stitch pattern free

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