Valentine's Stuffed Owls with free template


These Stuffed Felt Owls I made for Valentine’s day are still deeply loved by my little girl–and why not?  They are adorable wonderful to hug and colorful.  I thought about waiting to post the tutorial for these Stuffed Felt Owls until next year, but I decided against it because, really, if one thing isn’t season, it’s love.

And also owls.  I love owls deeply, no matter the season.

And felt.  We all know everyday is a felt holiday in my world.

These Stuffed Felt Owls are just too cute not to share.  Enjoy!

Valentines Stuffed Owl with free template

All in all, these Stuffed Felt Owls are very simple to make, and require very little in terms of supplies.  Even a beginning stitcher can easily accomplish this project over the course of a nap time.  I created a template for you (see below), so really, you have no excuse!  Let’s get crafting!

Valentine Owl Plushie template


For full sized template PDF, CLICK HERE.


Valentine Stuffed Owl Supplies

As a first step, cut out the pieces needed for your Valentine’s Stuffed Owl.  Since I wanted all of the pieces on the template to be to-scale, the tummy piece and the face are on top of the body piece.  So, cut out your 2 body pieces first and then cut into the body pattern and cut out the tummy and face shapes after that.

Because you are working with felt and cutting out small specific shapes, the best way to get a clean cut is to use clear tape instead of straight pins while cutting out your pattern.  Simply cut out the shape from the pattern sheet and then tape it directly to the felt you intend to use.  Cut through the tape as you go.

Valentines Stuffed Owl Cutting

Lay out the pieces after you’ve cut them out.

Next, it’s time to get stitching!  PS–you could glue on the face, tummy, wings, eyes, ears, beak and feet with hot glue, but I find that when I glue things on my kids have a tendency to pick and pull the pieces off.  However, when I stitch they don’t.  So, it worth the time spent, for me, to stitch instead of glue.

Valentine Stuffed Owl Running Stitch


Stitch on the face and tummy pieces first, using a running stitch.

Valentine Stuffed Owl Stitching 2

Next, stitch on the wings and ears, also using a running stitch.  Finally add the feet, beak and eyes.  Note here, I used small black circles of felt for my eyes.  However, I WISH I had used these black safety eyes.  They are safe for kids and look great when the animal is stuffed.  Next time.

As a final step, stitch the heart onto the tummy.

Now that the front of the Valentine’s stuffed owl is done, its time to turn this thing into a stuffed animal!

To do that, place the two body pieces together and blanket stitch around the outside.

Valentine Stuffed Owl Blanket Stitch

Blanket stitch is probably the stitch I have the most questions about.  It a great stitch that is pretty easy and if you plan on making any more stuffed animals or plushies it’s pretty important to master.  So, if you need a few more details on how to blanket stitch, check out THIS TUTORIAL.  I hope it is helpful, and if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

So, blanket stitch around the outside, but leave an opening at the bottom.

Valentine Stuffed Owl Stuffing

Fill the bird with polyfil, making sure to get up into the little ears.  Get the owl pretty full, but not so so full that the sides you already stitched start to pull apart.  Then, blanket stitch the owl shut.

And, done!  You and your loved ones are ready to share some Valentines cuteness.

Valentine Stuffed Owl Tutorial and Template

I made an owl for both my son and my daughter…however…somebody claimed 2.  Oh well.  I am just tickled that she loves them so much.  THAT makes my Valentine’s day!

Valentine Stuffed Owl Hug

All the best, and may you have a Lovely Valentine’s Day!

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