4 owl pouch tempaltes

Hello friends!

This weekend I spent sometime converting 4 of my favorite projects–4 owl pouches and their templates–into one handy, beautiful PDF, ready to be downloaded, printed and crafted with.  And, I’m excited to be offering this FREE to anyone and everyone interested in subscribing to my newsletter–a place where I will be sharing more free patterns, coupon codes and absolutely ZERO pointless emails.  I promise.

Once you have completed signing up you will get an email directing you to this free PDF.  If you have an issue, please let me know!

Here’s why I decided to start a newsletter–

See, I love you–you know that, don’t you?  But, sometimes I don’t feel very connected to you.  It’s hard to reach you on Facebook, I’m not good at commenting well, anywhere, and pinterest is pretty, but it’s hard to get to know you or anyone over there.

There are times I want to send people like you, people that love felt and stitching and crafting and kids, gifts, but I have a hard time getting them to you.  I don’t have a straight line of communication with you.

I want you to have free patterns and special coupon codes for my etsy shoppe.  People that come to this little blog often and actually stitch along with me, well I want to say thank you and stay connected with you.  And the best way to do that is through a newsletter.

It took me a long time to get to the point where I actually wanted to create and send and maintain a newsletter.  A really long time.  But then it occurred to me, a newsletter can be so much more than just a recap of what I’ve been posting about on the blog–in fact it can be something totally different.

A newsletter can be a gift I send directly to people I know will appreciate it.

And so, because I love giving gifts–and I love even more giving gifts to people I know will love what I’m giving, I really hope you will think about signing up for this newsletter.

I promise never to spam you.

I promise to send ZERO pointless emails.

I promise to spoil you rotten with freebies, coupon codes and love.

I promise to never forget what an honor it is to have a direct line of communication with you.

Thanks for being here–and thanks for all of your support every step of the way!

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