Rosary Quiet Book Pattern

Hello dear friends!

I am WAY too excited to share something with you I have been working very very VERY hard on: Rosary Quiet Book Pattern.  I have been searching and reflecting on how to get my preschool-aged kids to sit still while we pray the Rosary, and this was my solution–A Rosary Quiet Book.  There is a page for each mystery of the Rosary, 20 in all, and each page has a simple activity for young children to do while the adults pray aloud.  I have been crafting away furiously and have completed one for my children.  While I was at it, I whipped up a pattern for anyone that would like to teach their young children about the rosary in this way.

I am selling the pattern for $6.00!

The pattern includes 4 pages of detailed instructions, including a supply list, instructions for finishing your book and how to construct each page.  There are also individual templates for each mystery.  All in all, the pattern 30 pages long.


Rosary Quiet Book Pattern--Each page included a simple activity for perschool-aged children to do while praying the rosary

In case you aren’t familiar with Quiet Books, here’s the scoop.  I quiet book is general made out of felt and intended to keep children quiet because a quiet book is more than a book–it is an activity center.  Often Quiet Books have activities that work to teach colors, counting, weaving, matching, etc.  This Rosary Quiet Book offers an activity for each decade of the rosary.  However, I deliberately kept the activities simple–like buttoning, lifting flaps, feeling sequins and tying bows–because I want my children to learn the ROSARY while using this quiet book.  We’ll cover the academics some other time.

Along with an engaging activity, each page of these quiet books has a string of 10 beads sown to the bottom.  It is my hope that my children will use these to eventually learn how to fully participate in praying the Rosary.

Like I said, included in this pattern are templates for creating a page for each separate mystery of the rosary.  I actually made 4 Rosary Quiet Books in the end.  Here are pictures of all the pages in those books.

First, the Joyful Mysteries:

Rosary Quiet Book--Joyful Mysteries

And next, the Luminous Mysteries:

Luminous Mysteries

Here are the pages for the Sorrowful Mysteries:

Sorrowful Mysteries

And finally, the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary:

Glorious Mysteries

Thank you so much for your support.  I really hate charging for patterns, especially this one, but the only way I can justify the time I spend on all of this is to charge!  If you have a special situation and it would be a burden to pay for the pattern, please email me.  I really want everyone who wants this pattern to have one.

And one final note–even with the pattern this project will take some time.  Mine was seriously a labor of love.  You will not be able to complete these books in a weekend.  It will take time, but in the end your family will have a beautiful book that will instruct them on the most beautiful prayer of the church.

Rosary Quiet Book Pattern--a beautiful way to teach kids to pray and love the rosary


All the best–and thanks for your support!

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Rosary Quiet Book Felt Pattern and Instructions