monogram cross stitch patterns

Once again a project I was working on for myself–for my own home–has turned into something I am not only sharing here on the ol’ blog, but expanding and listing in my new etsy shoppe.  Because monograms are so cool, and you are so cool, come get your own Monogram Cross Stitch Patterns!

As I said, I designed and stitched up this “B” for my own home (can you guess what letter my last name starts with).  I went through several designs and revisions with this project before I settled on a simple, bold letter resting on a decorative garland, and I am happy I went this route.  You see, I have a tenancy of over doing things and I have come to believe that simpler is better.  For this reason I also decided to stitch my monogram in one color (it’s monochromatic ;)) and that is how I designed all of the letters but, of course, you can add more color to your monogram if you’d like.

All of the letters are available, of course.  Here’s the “c”.

c monogram image

My grand plan for the monogram I stitched up is to display it in my home with our pixel people family timeline.  Remember these guys:

family portrait in cross stitch--tutorial

 Cross Stitch Family Portrait

Family Portrait Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross Stitch Family Portrait 

I also stitched up a dated pixel people portrait of our wedding.  I had a lot of fun with these little family portraits and plan on continuing to create them each year.  My little family has grown a lot in the last 4 years…I can only imagine what it will look like in another 4 years!  I take lots of photos to capture all of our changes and additions…but I just love us in cross stitch too!

Anyway, the plan is to hang the simple monogram over the cross stitch family portraits.  I like the simplicity of the monogram in contrast with the colorful, detailed family portraits.

Yay for cross stitch fun!

Head over the the etsy shop and get your own monogram cross stitch pattern right away!

And, ps, if you’d like some tips on getting started with cross stitch, I made a few little videos to help you!

Basic Cross Stitch

Advanced Cross Stitch

Thanks, as always, for being here!

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