3 cat geometric cross stitch patterns

I spent some relaxing time over the holidays stitching up some new patterns I just finished them!  I’m really happy with how they worked up!  Here they are, 3 geometric cat cross stitch patterns.  They are each listed for $2.95, or all three are listed in a bundle for $5.95.

Click here to buy all three for $5.95

One of my favorite things about cross stitch is the geometric quality that can be so easily achieved.  I had a lot of fun playing around with the colors and shapes in these patterns.  I felt a little bit like I was back in 10th grade geometry.  Also, I found the different silhouettes of cats a cool shape to work with.  So, if you are a cat lover, a cross stitch lover, or just a lover of all things pretty and modern, this is the perfect, relaxing embroidery project for you.  Head over to my etsy shop and get yours!

Each of these patterns are fun for any level of stitcher to accomplish.  But, these are also great for a beginner.  Even if you have never, ever cross stitched before, you can easily complete one or all three of these patterns.

If you are just getting into cross stitch, check out these CROSS STITCH TIPS.

And, here are the patterns.  A link to buy them in my etsy shop can be found below each picture!

Geometric Cat Cross Stitch Pattern--Blue

 Sitting Cat Geometric Cross Stitch Pattern


geometric cat cross stitch pattern green

 Walking Cat Geometric Cross Stitch Pattern


Halloween Cross Stitch Cat

 Laying Cat Geometric Cross Stitch Pattern

3 geometric cat cross stitch patterns

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And, if you have any questions about these patterns, any of the patterns listed in my shop or any of the posts here on this blog, please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me.

Thanks, and happy stitching!

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