downton abbey set of free printable valentines

Your wait is over!  Today I am sharing some very refined and adult Valentines inspired by my favorite show: Downton Abbey Valentines.  Each Downton Abbey valentine features one of those brilliant Downton Abbey quotes.  Valentines Day has never been so refined!

Seriously, don’t you just love Downton Abbey?

There are very (VERY) few shows that my husband actually clear time to watch on TV (we prefer to binge watch once they are on Netflix) but Downton Abbey is one of them.  Yes, we were upset when Matthew died.  Yes, I am disappointed in Mary’s let’s-try-out-marriage story-line at the moment.

But I still love that show and each Sunday night our kids are in bed a little bit earlier and there we are, dialing up PBS and watching our beloved Downton.


Watching this show makes me wish I was British–well, wish that I was British upper class about 100 years ago.  They just have such a brilliant way of expressing themselves–most especially the Dowager Grantham.  Every single show my husband and I walk away quoting the episode we just watched.  We can’t help it!

Because of this, I decided to use just a few of these wonderful quotes to make a few very refined and elegant Downton Abbey Valentines.  I plan on giving these to a few of the most proper people in my life, and I’ve included a free printable so that, if you like, you are able to do the same.  There are 3 Valentines, all laid out on the same sheet.  You can see what they look like below.  A link to the printable PDF can be found beneath the image.  For best results, print the Valentines out on Cardstock.

Downton Abbey Valentines pdf


I’m sort of in love with these Valentines.

And, what good is a Valentine without a treat attached?  No good at all.

For my very proper Downton Abbey Valentines I plan on attaching a little tea packet–cheap and yet practical.  And oh so fitting.

downton abbey free printable valentines

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