color your own nativity set

Hello friends!

I hope you had a splendid Thanksgiving…I certainly did…and I certainly ate too too much.

Well, I have another nativity set for you: Printable Christmas Nativity Set Color Sheets.  This nativity set is basically the same design as this felt nativity set I shared a few days ago (I kind of love nativity sets…), but this one is meant to just be printed and colored and requires no assemble on your end.  AND IT’S FREE!!!!


It comes as a 5 page PDF instant download that you can use and print as many times as you like–and share with as many children as you can.  I would love nothing more than to know that these coloring pages lead to countless children playing with the figures of the nativity this Christmas Season and learning what the real reason for the season is.

Go get it!  Are you an elementary teacher, youth group leader, Religion teacher, or just a mom, print one for each kid, pull out the colors are you are set!  Just click the link and print!

For best results, print on sturdy Cardstock paper.  Regular paper will work, but cardstock is better to play with!

color a nativity set with your children

To show off these coloring pages my son and I sat down yesterday (he has decided that he no longer needs to nap) with some watercolors and got to work on a set for my kids to play with.  I helped him, but he did some of this painting and I think it turned out so charming.

color a nativity set this Christmas

One of my favorite parts of this nativity set is that it is so simple and requires no additional supplies to transform it from coloring sheets to a stand-up nativity set–oh–except some glue ;).  Once each character is printed and colored, cut out each character.  Each character has the word “glue” written very small on a area where you need to add glue and attach to the other side of the character.  I suggest using hot glue or another quick-drying glue.  Jesus’s manger is a little different.  It has 4 tabs that you fold in and glue so that it forms a bottom-less box.

color your own nativity set printable

As you can see, there are 8 characters included in this set: Mary, Jesus, Joseph, 3 Kings, Shepherd, and Angel.

Go print it and may you have a very blessed and Holy Christmas!

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