custom made cross stitch patterns of names

So, I was sitting here creating a special gift for my niece (whose name is Mary) and I thought–this is just the perfect 1st cross stitch project for any girl!  It’s easy, it’s pretty and it’s personalized!  I think I should offer these to any and every little girl out there…

And, that is exactly what I decided to do!  I am now selling personalized name cross stitch patterns and kits in my etsy shoppe!

I literally JUST added 4 new listing to my etsy shoppe so that you can give the little stitcher in your life either a CUSTOM PATTERN of her name or a custom pattern and KIT of her name.  I know, I should have had these listed sooner, in time for Christmas presents, but oh well!  For those living in cold climates, these would make a great winter gift, to keep little hands busy on those cold evenings.

Here are the listings:

Custom Cross Stitch Name Pattern, 6 Letters of LESS

Custom Cross Stitch Name Pattern, 7 Letters of MORE

I hate to have to charge more for longer names, but there are some crazy people out there (like, um, me) that give their kids these crazy long names (like Augustine, Bernadette and Dominic)…

personalized name cross stitch patterns


I currently have 4 different color hues that you can choose between, blue/teal, pink/purple, yellow/orange and rainbow…and if you have more color ideas, let me know!  I’d really love to offer you something that is super personalized.

Like many crafters, cross stitch was how I got into embroidery.  My mom set all of us girls up with various cross stitch projects from a young age.  Something I ran into, however, is that often times cross stitch projects can be too long or involved for a beginner, and a young stitcher, especially, will loose focus or interest.  It is my hope that these simple name patterns will give every young stitcher a positive first cross stitching experience.  And, when the project is finished they will have a pretty little stitched version of their name.

Thanks for being here!

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