DIY Super Hero Capes

So I make lots of things for my kids.  And, some things they really like…and others they could care less about.  Countless times I have toiled and stitched and crafted late into the night…only to be met with lukewarm reactions from the kids.

But, this DIY Super Hero Cape was not one of those situations.  I now have a little boy that wears a cape at all time, and if forced to remove it only for me.  He loves it.  It was super simple to make and now I don’t have to spend all day tying that silly blanket around his neck.

I actually set out to make a super hero cape for my nephew David, who recently celebrated his 5th birthday.  On instinct I bought some extra fabric, and with the help of THIS TUTORIAL I easily whipped up three capes in less than an hour.

I added a little puff paint to personalize and when all of the cousins were together at Cross Christmas Camp a few weekends ago, the caped crusaders were in full action.

DIY Super Hero Capes running

It was so hard to get a picture of the three of them!

I love little boys!

All the best,

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