DIY Nativity Play

Often times the simplest projects are the best–that is certainly the case with the DIY Nativity Play my family put together this past weekend.

This is a post I never intended to write…but I just can’t help myself!  We had yet another wonderfully fun family Christmas this weekend and since we are still a bit of a young family we spent some time thinking about the traditions we want to be part of your yearly Christmas gatherings.  The only thing we really decided on was having a yearly nativity play with all of the grandchildren.  And, there are already 12 grandchildren, so we already have a full cast of characters.

It seemed like a bit of an intimidating thing to pull together…but in the end it was simple and very powerful.

To be honest I had little to nothing to do with getting the play set up or pulling the costumes together.  I was busy nursing a baby.  But, in the time it took me to nurse the baby, the play was about to begin.

Our kings and shepherds wore towels and ties, our Mary wore a bed sheet and the angel had a pair of Halloween wings on underneath another bed sheet.  Best of all, perhaps, our sheep had a piece of quilt batting tied around their heads, tie in the front to make little ears.

The scene was set, my dad started reading the scripture and then my nephew Romeo made his debut as the Christ child.

He stole the show.


nativity play


Again, this is a bit of a departure from my usual content here, but I just can’t help myself.  Of all of the creative things that filled this Christmas season–from ornaments to food to gift wrapping to more food–this simple little nativity play that was thrown together in a matter of minutes was my absolute favorite.

I hope this is a part of our family Christmas every year to come.

All the best,

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