christmas penguin

Okay, so this is totally last minute–but sometimes when life is crazy the last minute is all you’ve got!  So, if you are still looking for a super cute way to top a present or mark a child’s Christmas, consider making these Christmas Penguins.  The template for these Christmas Penguins (see link below) can be used to make either a felt ornament or a paper gift tag.  And, it is so super easy!  Plus, you likely already have everything you need to make either of these projects on hand already.  I know, Christmas is almost here, but you totally have time to add a little bit of simple Penguin cuteness to your gifts and to your tree.  Ready, set, go!

Christmas Penguins from paper and felt

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Christmas Penguins!

Felt Ornament:

Paper Gift Tag

As you have probably guessed, both of these Christmas Penguin Projects–the felt ornament and the paper gift tag–are pretty simple.  But, just in case, here are the details.

First off, download and print the template on regular computer paper.  Click the link in the supply list.



felt penguin ornament


After you have the template,

Christmas Penguin Tutorial


1. Cut out the needed pieces.  For the ornament, cut out 2 black “Body” pieces, 2 heart feet, 1 beak and one smaller white body piece from felt in teh appropriate colors.  For the paper gift tag you only need to cut out one bigger body piece.

2. Glue the smaller body piece onto the larger body piece, centering it.  Then, glue down the feet and beak.  You can also, if you choose, add some simple details to embellish your ornament, like I decided to add a simply little bow, but you could really have some fun here.

3. Glue on the ribbon hanger.  For the ornament, first glue a folded ribbon down, and then sandwich that ribbon between the two large body pieces.  For the paper gift tag, you can simply tape the ribbon hanger to the back.

4. Use a permanent, fine tipped marker to add eyes.

And, ta da!

christmas penguin ornament

Who knew that cuteness could be achieved so easily!?!

And, the most beautiful part about these ornaments/tags is that they really are SO easy.  Each one might take about 5 minutes from beginning to end.  Sometimes I set out to make beautiful crafty tags for all of my presents I plan to give, only to get discouraged at how time consuming it is to make them.  Not so with these!  I promise, if you are on my list this year, your present will come with a cute little penguin tag on top!

Christmas Penguins gift tags


I hope that all of your holiday prep is going well!