felt nativity ornament

Today I am sharing a simple felt nativity ornament with you, including a free template.

In my book, if I’m going to decorate for Christmas, it is going to be with the Nativity.  I have loads of nativity sets (including this one that I made from felt and have the pattern available in my etsy shop).  The incarnation was just such an amazing thing–it is, after all the reason for the season, and I just want to display that and celebrate that as much as possible!

So, when I set out to make a simple, fun, felt ornament to mark this year on our Christmas tree I wanted it, of course, to be of the nativity.

If you’d like to make your own simple felt nativity ornament it is super easy. As a first step, download and print THIS PDF PATTERN.

Once you have the pattern printed, here are the steps for making this simple felt nativity ornament.

felt nativity ornament tutorial

  1. Cut out the felt pieces.  As you will see on the PATTERN, there are only 3 pieces needed to make this ornament.  The 2 pentagon pieces I cut from a pumpkin color.  I cut the nativity silhouette out of a graphite color felt.  I use 100% wool felt.  Now, cutting the silhouette will be tricky, so I used the clear packing tape method of cutting felt, where you cut out the pattern and then tape it directly do the pieces of felt.  The packing tape will hold the pattern in place, even as you make those detailed cuts around the nativity silhouette.
  2. Using permanent fabric glue, glue the silhouette onto one of the pentagons.
  3. Cut a piece of ribbon about 3 inches long.  Loop it around and glue it in place to that back of the front pentagon.  Glue together both pentagon pieces so that the ribbon is sandwiched between.
  4. Using black embroidery thread, blanket stitch around the outside.

And done!  It is ready to be hung, or you can take some fabric paint and add a date or inscription to the back.

felt nativity ornaments

Simple, right?

I hope that your holiday prep is going well and that you are finding small ways to add a little homemade charm.

Thanks to Mandy for letting me, once again, stop by and share some of my felt love.

And, if you are looking for a fun felt project that requires a little bit more time, consider checking out my FELT NATIVITY SET PATTERN.

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