bird in flight felt Christmas Ornament with free template

Okay, don’t be shocked, but I am stopping by to share ANOTHER felt ornament tutorial (I know, totally out of character for me…).  Today’s tutorial is for a Bird in Flight Felt Ornament.  The ornament is actually super simple to make and even easier to customize.  I made 2 already and might make a few more variations for my tree this year.  Who knows?

If you’d like to make your own Bird in Flight Felt Christmas Ornament, than you are totally in luck.  I drew up a little template for this ornament and once you have the shape of the bird, the rest of the construction is really simple.  I chose to glue part of the ornament and stitch part of the ornament–this saved on time, but still allowed it to have some hand-made charm.  But, if you are a purist you can certainly stitch it all…or if you have limited time, you can easily skip the stitching all together.

Pictured below is the template for this project.  CLICK HERE to get the PDF version that is to-scale and ready to be used.

bird ornament template

Once you have the template, here the steps you need to take to create your own Bird in Flight Christmas Ornament:

bird in flight felt ornament tutorial

  1. Cut out all of the pieces drawn on the template.  You will need 2 large circles, but only one of all the other shapes.  I also cut a smaller circle of thin cardboard to place between my bigger circles, so that it was more substantial.
  2. Glue the bird’s body, wings and beak in place using a permanent fabric glue.
  3. Using one thread of black embroider floss, stitch the details in the wings, tail and beak.  I also added 2 french knots for eyes.  If you aren’t a stitcher, you can add these details with either a sharpie marker of fabric paint.
  4. Add details to surround the bird.  On one of my ornaments I stitched on metallic star beads.  In the other I glued on simple felt leaves and then stitched on a few red beads below those leaves.
  5. Use the fabric glue to glue the cardboard between the 2 felt circles.  At this time also glue a folded piece of ribbon in place, which will work as a hanger.
  6. And finally, blanket stitch around the outside.

bird in flight felt Christmas ornament FREE TEMPLATE

Ta Da!  They’re cute, right?  They are also very easy to personalize.  Just stitch or paint on a year to the back.

bird christmas ornament made from felt

Thanks for being here…and don’t you worry.  I’ll be back with some more felt Christmas ornaments VERY soon!

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