halloween kitty cross stitch pattern

Hello friends!  I’ve been stitching again and have added a new listing to my etsy shop: Halloween Kitty Modern Cross Stitch Pattern.

Well, I am (for the time being) still giving etsy a try.  I have had 3 official sales–which is better than none!  At the moment I am trying to build my pattern library over there–and having some fun along the way.  I have never been a “follow the rules” sort of girl.  In my embroidery projects I very rarely pick a pattern book before hand–to be honest I usually just make it up as I go!  Now that I have some cross stitch pattern software I get to keep making it up as I go–but then transform the end result into an actual pattern that I can share with others (like you maybe).

Like I have said many times before, I love embroidery, but I like bringing a little bit of a modern spin to it.  Cross stitch can look so old-lady-ish, but it can also be really interesting and geometric.  As I get into cross stitch pattern making I realize that this is exactly like pixel art–and that make and creating interesting geometric images really fun.

That is exactly what I did for this project: Halloween Kitty Modern Cross Stitch Pattern.

Halloween Cat


What do you think?  I’m a little bit in love with it and plan on adding it to my (ever growing) collection of Halloween decorations.

As with all of my projects, this project has inspired me to try a whole bunch of other cross stitch pattern ideas.  I can’t wait to get to it–I especially have some cool ideas for Christmas cross stitch patterns…but we will have to see if I get around to them.  I would love it if I could just sit around and stitch all day…but alas.

And so, feel free to head over the my etsy shop and check out all of the patterns.  I’d love your support!

Happy stitching,

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