If you have spent any time here at all, you know well that I have a thing for creating with felt.  I just love how easy it is to work with.  Well, I have a few favorite felt project to share with you today: Felt Owl Coin Purses.  They are cute, easy and functional.  They don’t take much stitching know-how to make so even you could make one and in not much time.  There is a free template here for the Felt Owl Coin Purses so you have no excuse.  It’s time to make your very own adorable Felt Owl Coin Purse!

Felt Owl Coin Purse Beauty

You only need a few supplies to make these adorable Felt Owl Coin Purses. Ready? Let’s do it!

felt owl coin purse tutorial

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Felt Owl Coin Purse:

Okay, onto the project!

First off, print the template and gather your supplies. You will see on the template that you need to cut out one of each shape–a front, back, tummy, eyes and beak.

And, here is my super duper felt cutting tip—USE PACKING TAPE. Really, forget the pins, use tape instead. Simply cut a piece of felt that is slightly bigger than the shape you wish to cut and then tape the pattern directly to the felt. The tape will hold it flatly in place and allow you to get an accurate cut. This is especially helpful when cutting out small details. Try it. It will change your crafty life.

After you get your pieces cut it is time to add the clasp. As I said, what really makes this little coin purse work is a small magnetic clasp. It has a big enough back where it won’t pull through the felt and yet it is easily hidden. Simply push the ends of the clasp through the felt and fold the sides down. Place one end of the clasp in the center of the front top, and the other at the top of the back piece.

magnetic purse clasp Next it is time to add a few fun owl details. First, hand stitch down the tummy piece. Stitch around the outside of the piece with a whip stitch and add a few “feather” details with long stitches.

Next, stitch the tiny beak piece to the eyes. Then, with a few running stitches along the top, stitch the eyes to the back piece. The eyes will be part of the top flap. Place the eyes so that they cover the back of the magnetic clasp as much as possible.

Felt Owl Coin Purse How To

Next, add buttons to the center of your eyes. Stitching on the buttons is actually very important–they will help hold down the bottom of the eyes and make the top flap more sturdy, so do a good job stitching them down!

Finally, blanket stitch around the outside of your little coin purse. Below is what the finished back of the purse looks like when the flap is open.

Felt Owl Coin Purse Back

What is it exactly that is so cute about owls? I just love love them–and I love my new coin purses. I know you love them too–so what are you waiting for? Grab some felt and thread and get to work making one!

felt owl coin purse

All the best, and happy stitching!

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