curious george halloween


I have to be honest, I am a little overwhelmed by halloween.  I see other moms that whip up these amazing costumes, totally handmade, and I just don’t have the drive, skill, or time to do all of that.  And so (since I am super lazy) I thought I’d share the super simple halloween costumes I made for my kids last year: our Curious George Halloween.

And when I say simple, I’d totally serious.

curious george simple halloween


Okay, I’m not going to belabor this.  As you can see from the pictures, I dressed both of the kids up as Curious George (or monkey as they call him) and then my husband was the man in the yellow hat and I was the lady in the yellow…ah…dress.

The only part of this costume that I actually made where the head pieces.  I had a brown hooded sweatshirt for my daughter, so I took some brown and tan felt and added the face, eyes, and ears.  I used the sewing machine to sew a simple smile and then hand stitched it to the hood.

For my son I only had a brown sweatshirt without a hood, so I made a mock hood out of the same brown felt, stitched the Curious George features to that hood and then stitched the mock hood into the sweatshirt.

Dressed the kids in all brown, gave them a banana for a snack and called it good.

Oh, and I spray painted a hat yellow for my husband.

curious george costume 2


And, that is how I like my halloweens, simple.  Maybe I’m lazy, but I know my kids.  No matter what I do they are only going to wear their costumes for a few minutes, and hopefully I will be able to snap a few pictures before the melt down.

I’d love to hear about your halloween plans.  Are you one of those moms that works for months on costumes–or are you like me and like to keep it simple?

And, if you’d like some more Curious George fun, check out this project:

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All the best,

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