black cat tutu halloween costume

Well, it’s almost Halloween and I have been busy making costumes.  We have decided to go with a royal theme around here–a knight, a princess, a baby dragon and a king a queen–but I have also been working a a couple of costumes for friends of ours who have their hands a little full right now.  And, since those two little girls are already super cute, I decided to make them black cat tutu halloween costumes.

Because, really, every little girl needs a tutu on Halloween, right?

In a lot of ways this is a pinterest costume.  In the spare moments in my day I have been surfing pinterest and found all sorts of good ideas and pieced them together into this costume.  Because I didn’t come up with, really, I just wanted to show off my cute little girly modeling the costume and give you the links to all of the tutorials that I used.

black cat cute halloween costume

First off, I used this tutorial for the tutu.  The only adjustment I made is that I used 2 types of tulle–one a little courser so that the skirt was a little fuller and had a little bit more texture.

I made the ears and the tail based on this tutorial.  Here again I made only a slight alteration.  I made my ears with just felt and black pipe-cleaners.  This way the ears stick up on their own.

And finally, I added the little kitty mittens.  I found these little mittens for very cheap (yay for being fall) and just hot glued on some pink paw pieces.  Super easy.

black kitty halloween costume

And, there you have it!  Add some black leggings, a black shirt and a cute little girl and the costume is complete.  I was able to make the entire costume in a couple of hours, even with a 4 month old baby that insisted on being held and 2 toddlers ripping apart my craft room and literally laying on costume as I made it.  So, if you have yet to pull together a costume for your little girl, this one is totally doable!

All the best,

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