Halloween Bat Cross Stitch Pattern

Okay, okay, I know today is Halloween and you probably don’t have time to stitch up anymore Halloween crafts.  Well, too bad, I’m going to share this Halloween Bat Cross Stitch Pattern anyway!  As you have probably noticed around here lately, I’m sort-of into cross stitch.  It is the perfect craft to do while relaxing.  And so, if you aren’t headed out to trick or treat tonight, then put your feet up, put on a scary movie (I vote for a Jason movie and stitch up this really not too creepy Halloween Bat Cross Stitch Pattern.

The pattern is here–and it’s simple.

What you do with the pattern after you complete it is up to you, but here, for your stitching enjoyment, is a cute and free Halloween bat pattern.

halloween bat cross stitch pattern free Click on the bat pattern to open.  Then print in whatever size you desire.

Once you have the pattern, completing the project is pretty simple (which is why we all love cross stitch, right?).

Like all embroidery projects only a few (inexpensive) supplies are needed.

Supplies needed to make your own Halloween cross stitch bat pattern:

First, grab your black thread and stitch up the bulk of the project.  For the body of the bat I used 3 threads and for the “boo” I used only 2 threads.  This is why you can see the “x” stitches in the wording and not on the bat.

As with all cross stitch projects, it will turn out much better if you take time to make sure all of your stitches are uniform!  I usually work left to right, doing one half of each stitch all the way across and then turning back and doing the other half of the stitch all the way across.

Halloween-cross-stitch-bat-pattern-Crafts-Unleashed-2 When you are done with the black stitches, it is time to get fancy–with fancy thread that is.  I for one think that life can always use a little fancy and I am in love with these fancy threads–they’re glittery and wonderful!

Halloween-cross-stitch-bat-pattern-Crafts-Unleashed-3 I used two colors for the completion of my cross stitch bat pattern –for the eyes I used “goldilocks” (6 threads) and for the fancy curly ques I used “goldfish” (1 thread).  As you can see, the curly ques are back stitches and are partially over the “boo” at the bottom.  Make sure to use only one thread for these stitches so that the wording is not obscured.

And, there it is!  What you do with the bat pattern from here is totally up to you.  Make it into a pillow?  Sew it onto the front of a treat bag?  Or, just display it as is in the embroidery hoop (that’s what I’m planning on doing).  Either way, I hope this little stitching bat pattern brings some cheer and fear to your Halloween celebrations.

Halloween Bat Free Cross Stitch Pattern

All the best and happy stitching,