Nativity Characters Cross Stitch Pattern

So, a few days ago I posted a Halloween cross stitch pattern and I apologized about jumping ahead to that holiday.  Well, today I’m jumping even further ahead–to Christmas with this Nativity Character Counted Cross Stitch Pattern.  And, to be blunt, I am in love with this little project.  As my husband can attest I have a thing for nativity sets.  In fact, he travels a lot internationally and the thing he always brings me back is a nativity set, no matter the season.  I just love nativity scenes in every shape and fashion, and I love this little cross stitch addition to my collection.  Although I haven’t done it yet, I plan on completing this project by sewing this Nativity Character Counted Cross Stitch project onto a pillow.  Still thinking about how I want to do that…

As you can see there are 10 characters in this pattern–2 angels, 2 shepherds, 3 Kings, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus (hopefully you can tell who is who without my help).  I tried to add a lot of color to the project and spent a lot of time both designing it and stitching it up myself.  In fact, that is why I decided to share it with you now in September–like all embroidery projects this one does take a little time.  So here it is, with plenty of time to complete it before Christmas!

However, as I mentioned when I shared the Halloween Character pattern, I’m not offering this pattern for free here (sorry!).  Because it took me so long to create and because I had to invest in some software I’ve decided to open an etsy shop and offer it there for $5.  Only $5, right?  And this way I can keep creating these little patterns, which I intend to do, and continue to offer them to any stitcher out there for really cheap.

I hope you consider supporting me!  Here is another look at The Nativity Characters Cross Stitch Pattern:

Pixel People Nativity Characters

Like all of my patterns this is available as a instant download.  It will come with a thread guide, instructions and a large, clear PDF of the pattern.

Thanks, as always, for being here–and I hope you enjoy this pattern!

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