Halloween Characters cross stitch pattern

Well, it’s September, so that means Halloween, right?  According to the stores and pinterest that certainly seems to the case. And, although I hate that summer is suddenly over and we have moved onto all things fall, I am sharing a Halloween project today: Halloween Character Counted Cross Stitch Pattern.  I’m sharing it this early not because I want to jump into Halloween, but because cross stitch like all types of embroidery takes a little bit of time, and I want anyone interested to have plenty of time to stitch it up!

Plus, it’s super cute (right?!?) and I can’t wait any longer–I want to share it!

But first, I should fess up.  I’m breaking with tradition here and I’m not offering this pattern, Halloween Characters, free on the ole blog.  Since it took me a while to create and I had to invest in some software, I’m offering it in my (new) etsy shop for $2.95.  I kind of hate charging for it (sorry!) but only $2!  So, go over to my shop, think about it and hopefully you’ll decide to support me.  The pattern is an instant download and comes with a thread guide and clear, big PDF pattern.

Pixel People Halloween Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

I hope you love this sweet, simple little project as much as I do.  It fits perfectly into a 5″ embroidery hoop once finished, and if stitched on 14 count aida cloth.

Also, just so you know, I am planning on creating and selling (for cheap) pixel people characters for all of the upcoming holidays.  I have a really cool (and huge) nativity pattern that I will be sharing on Wednesday.  All of these patterns are perfect for a beginner stitcher but fun for an experienced stitcher, like me.  At least I had a blast creating them and stitching them up for my own home.

Halloween Cross Stitch Pattern

As always, thanks for being here and for supporting me (and my crafting habit).

I hope the summery weather sticks around a little longer where you are.  It’s suddenly very chilly here…and that makes me sad.

All the best,

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