fall leaves embroidery hoops

Well, all of a sudden it’s fall here.  2 weeks ago we were sweating and miserable, and now I am dressing the kids in winter coats.  What happened?  I guess that’s just life in Minnesota.

Although I am (admittedly) throwing myself a where-did-summer-go pity party I am trying to get excited about fall–and my favorite part of fall is color.  Few places on earth do the fall colors as good as Minnesota.  This was my inspiration and starting point for my latest embroidery project: Fall Leaves Embroidery Hoops.  They are simply project that require very little in terms of supplies and even littler in terms of embroidery skill.  Seriously, even you can make these, easily!

And, really, I just have to say that I really love this project because of these adorable tiny embroidery hoops.  Aren’t they awesome!  They are on 3″ embroidery hoops and I ordered them from Consumer Crafts.  And, I have plans for them.  I have been planning all of the Christmas Ornaments I’m going to make with the.  It’s not too early to be crafting for Christmas, is it?

fall leaves embroidery hoop art

Want to make your own?  Great!  Here’s how to:


  • 3″ Embroidery Hoops
  • Heavy White Canvas Material
  • Water Soluble Maker
  • Embroidery Thread, Needle, Scissors

embroidered fall leaves drawn

First off, take your water soluble marker and draw some leaves, small enough to fit inside of a 3″ hoop.  I decided to draw leaves that are “folk-art” in style.  I decided this because they are easier to draw–and stitch–and I like all things folk art.

embroidered leaf how to

Next, start stitching.  The main stitch in this project is a satin stitch.  A satin stitch is, essentially, simply a long stitch that stretches from one side of an area to another, which you repeat until an entire area is completely filled.  I really love satin stitch and have use it in SEVERAL projects.  Satin stitch really allows you to show off beautiful embroidery thread colors.

Since I drew leaves to veins I had several smaller areas in each leaf.  I satin stitched each of these areas, making sure that my stitches were going in a different direction than a neighboring section.

When the satin stitching was done, I did a few long stitches to further separate the areas.

Finally, take each leaf out of the hoop and submerge it in water.  This will erase the lines you drew in step on.  When dry, put the fabric back into the hoops and trim excess fabric.

fall leaves mini embroidery hoops

Yup, I love the colors of fall!

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I hope you find some fun inspiration!~
Thanks for being here,

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