bridal cross stitch #3

Hello!  Over the past few weeks I have been stitching up a storm and sharing a few of these bride and groom cross stitch projects.  I am excited to be sharing another one with you today–this time of my dear younger sister, Maria and her wonderful husband Joe.  Just so you know, I am going to keep this post brief–nap time is almost over–so if you need more pointers on personalizing this project and making one of you and your spouse, head HERE for the full details and the free printable cross stitch grid to plan out your pattern.

Even though I want to keep this short, I just HAVE to say a few words about my little sister, her husband and their beautiful marriage.  My sister, Maria, is the mother of 3 and will be adding a 4th to the crew this September.  Her husband is in the military, so her life is full of moves, temporary situations and fake plans, since nothing seems certain in the military life.  We grew up on a farm, firmly planted in one place, which is about as far from the military life as possible.  Watching her live and love her life in the military has been real inspiration.  Maria loves schedules and structures, and yet she has embraced this life since it is what’s right for her family.  No matter where they live, what the climate is like or how long the situation will last, Maria and Joe have an amazing ability to create a holy, blessed home for their family that is centered on prayer.  I admire their discipline to carry Christ and all his teaching with them everywhere they go and to live a holy life boldly.  She might be my little sister, but I have plenty to learn from them.  They had a beautiful marriage, which started with a beautiful marriage.  Here they are, 7 years ago, on their wedding day:

maria and Joe's wedding

So sweet, right?  Love you guys!

Okay, let’s transform them into cross stitch!  The first challenge in transforming them into cross stitch is my sister’s long sleeves that are lace.  The next challenge is that her veil only in the back and when you look at her straight on it is only visible at her neck and upper back…

Here is the pattern I created and how I addressed these problems.  As always, the pale yellow color is really white.  I used pale yellow so that it showed up on the pattern.  Also, the orange on the pattern at my sister’s neck and arms I stitched with 1 white thread and 2 flesh colored thread.  And, the groom is wearing a bow tie.  To make this look do 4 1/2 cross stitches in black and 4 1/2 cross stitches in white.

cross stitch pattern M and J

And…here they are in cross stitch!

I added the date they were married using THIS FONT, and I added this cool glittery copper color to my aida cloth using THIS TUTORIAL.

cross stitch bride and groom tutorial


I hope that you are inspired to transform your wedding into cross stitch–and if you do, I’d love to see the finished product!

All the best,

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