It has been a summer full of blessings around here.  A little over a month ago we welcomed our third child, Dominic.  He is a sweet little boy, much loved by his older brother and sister.  He loves to nurse and snuggle on my shoulder.  He has wonderfully soft, kissable cheeks–with a cute little dimple in his left cheek!  His little soul was just washed clean at his baptism on Sunday surrounded by family (and all the madness that family brings with it).  We are in love with our little Dominic. Dominic 2

I haven’t been hanging out on-line very much, in fact, not at all. As a mother of 3, ages 3, 20 months, and 1 month, life is full, but life is good.  With my first child I struggled with postpartum depression and that is a fear each time I deliver.  To be frank, my postpartum plan involves an anti-depressant and progesterone because I am just not ever going to go there again.  The baby blues came after Dominic’s birth, but they were brief and very quickly life was as full and joyful as ever.  I feel very blessed.

We don’t get out of the house very quickly…and all too often it is mid morning before everyone is cleaned up, dressed, fed and ready for the day, but, as we say each night in our evening prayers, “God made us a family.  We need one another.  We love one another.”  The 3 kids and I are figuring out a little routine.  They older two are used to all the time I have to sit and nurse the baby and have started to rely on each other a little more.

One of the biggest blessing of all is just how loving and interested my two older kids have been with Dominic from the first moment they met him.  His hair is often crusted with jelly and sprinkled with sand, evidence of all the messy kisses and loving touches he gets from his brother and sister.  They love taking turns holding him and I can only imagine what will happen the first time he locks eyes with one of them and smiles.

Dominic 1

Summer is a wonderful time to have a baby.  When home we spend most of our time in the backyard.  Gus and Bernadette run between the pool, the sand box and me.  I sit out there, nursing, bouncing a baby, changing diapers and sipping on coffee, thankful for every moment.

Despite our little Dominic’s arrival, we have had a busy summer.  Each week of his life he’s taken a trip, and nearly every day he is hauled to the park, the store or somewhere.  Some days the poor kid lives in the carrier or the sling.  Good thing God gave him an easy going personality.  In this crazy he’ll need it!

Dominic 3

And so, it feels good to be back on-line, writing another blog post.  In the coming weeks I don’t know how much I will be around, or even what I will be sharing about.  I have absolutely nothing planned or ready to post!  We’ll see.

Until then, I’m off to snuggle my baby,

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